Venues similar to or like Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

Football stadium located at the former Mid-South Fairgrounds in the Midtown area of Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Wikipedia

  • Sports in Memphis, Tennessee

    Sports in Memphis, Tennessee are supported in the city by Memphis Park Services, which offers a wide range of public facilities, including 17 swimming pools, 8 public golf courses, 48 athletic fields hosting a range of 510 youth and 269 adult teams, 130 basketball courts (101 outdoor and 29 indoor), 7 tennis centers and a soccer complex. Also home to professional sports teams in basketball, baseball and other sports. Wikipedia

  • Memphis Mad Dogs

    The Memphis Mad Dogs were a Canadian football team that played the 1995 season in the Canadian Football League. The Mad Dogs were part of a failed attempt to expand the CFL into the United States. Wikipedia

  • Legion Field

    Outdoor stadium in the southeastern United States in Birmingham, Alabama, primarily designed to be used as a venue for American football, but occasionally used for other large outdoor events. Named in honor of the American Legion, a U.S. organization of military veterans. Wikipedia

  • For the sake of simplicity, this list will only focus on national (non-regional, non-National Football League) outdoor (i.e., not arena football or leagues with similar rules) North American football teams not covered in other lists; i.e., the All-America Football Conference, the first three universally recognized as major incarnations of the American Football League, Continental Football League, World Football League, American Football Association, United States Football League, non-European teams from the World League of American Football, Canadian Football League (including predecessors and South Division teams), the 2001 XFL, and the Alliance of American Football; that played at least one game. As a general rule, only teams with existing Wikipedia articles are listed here. Wikipedia

  • World Football League

    Short-lived American football league that played one full season in 1974 and most of its second in 1975. To bring American football onto a worldwide stage, the farthest the WFL reached was placing a team – the Hawaiians – in Honolulu, Hawaii. Wikipedia

  • American football franchise in the United States Football League. They entered the league in its expansion in 1984 and made the 1985 playoffs, losing in the semifinal round to the Oakland Invaders. Wikipedia


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