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Liechtensteiners are a Germanic ethnic group native to Liechtenstein linked strictly with Swiss Germans and Swabians. Wikipedia

  • Germans

    The Germans (Deutsche) are a Germanic ethnic group native to Central Europe. Most important characteristic of modern Germans, but they are also characterized by a common German culture, descent and history. Wikipedia

  • Dutch people

    Dutch people (Dutch: ) or the Dutch, are a West Germanic ethnic group and nation native to the Netherlands. They share a common ancestry and culture and speak the Dutch language. Wikipedia

  • Danes (danskere, ) are a North Germanic ethnic group native to Denmark and a modern nation identified with the country of Denmark. This connection may be ancestral, legal, historical, or cultural. Wikipedia

  • Liechtenstein national football team

    National football team of the Principality of Liechtenstein and is controlled by the Liechtenstein Football Association. Known as the Liechtensteiner Fussballverband in German. Wikipedia

  • Liechtenstein

    German-speaking microstate situated in the Alps and in the southwest of Central Europe. Semi-constitutional monarchy headed by the Prince of Liechtenstein; the Prince's extensive powers are equivalent to those of a President in a semi-presidential system. Wikipedia

  • Icelanders

    Icelanders (Íslendingar) are a North Germanic ethnic group and nation who are native to the island country of Iceland and speak Icelandic. Icelanders established the country of Iceland in mid 930 A.D. when the Althing (Parliament) met for the first time. Wikipedia


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