Automobile engines similar to or like Lincoln Y-block V8 engine

Ford's earliest OHV V8 engine, introduced by Lincoln in the 1952 model year. Wikipedia

  • Ford small block engine

    Series of automobile V8 engines built by the Ford Motor Company beginning in July 1961. Discontinued in new trucks after 1996, and new SUVs (Explorer) after 2001, but remains available for purchase from Ford Performance Parts as a crate engine. Wikipedia

  • Ford 385 engine

    Series of big block V8 engines designed by Ford Motor Company. Produced from 1968 to 1998, the Lima engines replaced the MEL engine entirely, along with multiple engines of the medium-block FE engine family; in truck applications, the engines succeeded the much larger Super Duty family. Wikipedia

  • Ford developed the MEL ("Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln") engine series as the replacement for the Lincoln Y-block V8 engine for use in large passenger car applications. These engines were produced in Lima, Ohio at Ford's Lima Engine plant. Wikipedia

  • Ford FE engine

    Ford V8 engine used in vehicles sold in the North American market between 1958 and 1976. Introduced to replace the short-lived Ford Y-block engine, which American cars and trucks were outgrowing. Wikipedia

  • BMW OHV V8 engine

    Overhead valve V8 petrol engine produced from 1954 to 1965. BMW's first V8 engine, and BMW did not produce another V8 automobile engine until the BMW M60 in 1992. Wikipedia

  • Chevrolet big-block engine

    Term for a series of large displacement V8 engines that have been developed and produced in the United States from the 1950s until 2009. As American automobiles grew in size and weight following the Second World War, the engines powering them had to keep pace. Wikipedia


    Sentences forLincoln Y-block V8 engine

    • The 312 Ford Y-block gained 20 horsepower to go with the added weight, and the 290 hp 368 cuin Lincoln Y-block V8 became an option.Mercury Monterey-Wikipedia
    • Mechanically, Lincoln differed from Mercury, as the Ford truck V8 was replaced by the Lincoln Y-block V8 with a Hydramatic transmission.Lincoln Motor Company-Wikipedia
    • The Continental Mark II featured a pre-war Continental-style spare tire hump, shared the new 368 CID Lincoln Y-block V8 engine and running gear, and was sold and serviced at Lincoln dealerships.Lincoln Mark series-Wikipedia
    • Sharing its powertrain with the Montclair and the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, the 1957 Colony Park was fitted with a 368 cubic-inch Lincoln Y-Block V8.Mercury Colony Park-Wikipedia
    • From the 1957 through 1963 model years, the higher rated (C-750 / 800 / 900) Ford C series had the Lincoln Y-block V8 engine as optional or standard equipment.Ford C series-Wikipedia
    • For 1957, the standard engine was a 312 cubic-inch "Safety-Surge" V8, producing 255 hp, with a 368 cubic-inch "Turnpike Cruiser" V8 producing 290 hp as an option.Mercury Voyager-Wikipedia

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