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Liner notes (also sleeve notes or album notes) are the writings found on the sleeves of LP record albums and in booklets which come inserted into the compact disc jewel case or the equivalent packaging for vinyl records and cassettes. Wikipedia

  • Album

    Collection of audio recordings issued as a collection on compact disc , vinyl, audio tape, or another medium. Albums of recorded sound were developed in the early 20th century as individual 78-rpm records collected in a bound book resembling a photograph album; this format evolved after 1948 into single vinyl LP records played at 33 1⁄3 rpm. Wikipedia

  • Cut-out (recording industry)

    LP, 45 RPM single, cassette tape, Compact Disc, or other item. When LPs were the primary medium for the commercial distribution of sound recordings, manufacturers would cut the corner, punch a hole, or add a notch to the spine of the jacket of unsold records returned from retailers; these "cut-outs" might then be re-sold to record retailers or other sales outlets for sale at a discounted price. Wikipedia

  • Cassette tape

    Analog magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback. Developed by the Dutch company Royal Philips in Hasselt, Belgium, and introduced in September 1963. Wikipedia

  • Half Brother (album)

    Vinyl LP record album by the band Half Brother. First album by the BAFTA, Brit, Emmy, and Gramophone award-winning composer Howard Goodall. Wikipedia

  • Front of the packaging of a commercially released audio recording product, or album. The term can refer to either the printed paperboard covers typically used to package sets of 10 in and 12 in 78-rpm records, single and sets of 12 in LPs, sets of 45 rpm records (either in several connected sleeves or a box), or the front-facing panel of a CD package, and, increasingly, the primary image accompanying a digital download of the album, or of its individual tracks. Wikipedia

  • Short vinyl record album or LP, usually retailing at a lower price than an album that would be considered full-length. Distinct from an EP due to containing more tracks and a slightly longer running length. Wikipedia


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