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List of characters in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. Wikipedia

  • Fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. Algorithmic science that allows him to predict the future in probabilistic terms. Wikipedia

  • List of characters in Isaac Asimov's Robot series. Spacer and the main antagonist in the novels The Robots of Dawn and Robots and Empire. Wikipedia

  • Fictional religion from Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. First mentioned in Part III of Foundation, "The Mayors", and makes its last appearance in Part V, "The Merchant Princes". Wikipedia

  • Galactic Empire (Isaac Asimov)

    Interstellar empire featured in Isaac Asimov's Robot, Galactic Empire, and Foundation series. Spread across the Milky Way galaxy and consists of almost 25 million planets settled exclusively by humans. Wikipedia

  • Susan Calvin

    Fictional character appearing in Isaac Asimov's Robot series of science fiction short stories. Born in the year 1982 and died at the age of 82, either in 2064 or 2065. Wikipedia

  • Elijah Baley

    Fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Robot series. Main character of the novels The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun and The Robots of Dawn, and of the short story "Mirror Image." Wikipedia


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