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2015 historical legal thriller directed by Steven Spielberg. Wikipedia

  • 2015 post-apocalyptic action film directed by George Miller. Produced by Miller, Doug Mitchell, and PJ Voeten. Wikipedia

  • 2013 historical drama film directed and produced by Steve McQueen. Adaptation of the 1853 autobiographical slave narrative memoir of the same name by Solomon Northup, a New York State-born free negro who was kidnapped in Washington, D.C. in 1841 and sold into slavery. Wikipedia

  • 2015 American computer-animated comedy film directed by Pete Docter. Set in the mind of a young girl named Riley , where five personified emotions—Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling)—try to lead her through life as she moves to a new city and has to adjust to her new life. Wikipedia

  • List of accolades received by The Irishman

    2019 American epic crime film directed and produced by Martin Scorsese and written by Steven Zaillian, based on the 2004 book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt. It stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, with Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale, Anna Paquin, Stephen Graham, Stephanie Kurtzuba, Jesse Plemons, and Harvey Keitel in supporting roles. Wikipedia

  • 2015 American drama film directed by Tom McCarthy. The film, written by Josh Singer and McCarthy, follows The Boston Globes "Spotlight" team and its investigation of sexual abuse in Boston. Wikipedia

  • 2008 superhero film directed, produced, and co-written by Christopher Nolan. Sequel to 2005's Batman Begins and the second installment in Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy. Wikipedia

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