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2020 UN Human Development Report.svg categories (based on 2019 data, published in 2020).Countries by Human Development Index (2020).png scores in increments of 0.050 (based on 2019 data, published in 2020) Wikipedia


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    • Panama and Costa Rica have a significantly higher Human Development Index and GDP than the rest of the Central American nations.North America-Wikipedia
    • It is a highly developed country, with the world's 8th highest quality of life in 2005 and the 26th Human Development Index.Italy-Wikipedia
    • An upper-middle-income economy with a dominant service sector, the country has been ranked 64th on the Human Development Index.Serbia-Wikipedia
    • The organization also publishes the UN Human Development Index, a comparative measure ranking countries by poverty, literacy, education, life expectancy, and other factors.United Nations-Wikipedia
    • It has a "very high" rating on the Human Development Index and a relatively high GDP per capita, with a considerable internal market size and a growing share of the high-tech sector.Argentina-Wikipedia
    • South Africa is a developing country and ranks 113th on the Human Development Index, the seventh-highest in Africa.South Africa-Wikipedia

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