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Budapest, the capital of Hungary has 23 districts (kerület), each with its own municipal government. Wikipedia

  • Music of Budapest

    Capital and largest city of Hungary; it has long been an important part of the music of Hungary. Budapest's music history has included the composers Franz Liszt, Ernő Dohnányi, Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók and the opera composer Ferenc Erkel. Wikipedia

  • 2nd district of Budapest

    District of Budapest, Hungary. Area of 36.34 km² and is situated to the south of the 3rd district and to the north of the 1st district and the 12th district. Wikipedia

  • Gazdagrét

    Neighbourhood of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Located in the western part of the 11th district. Wikipedia

  • Tabán

    Area within the 1st district of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It lies on the Buda (i.e. Western) side of the Danube, to the south of György Dózsa Square, on the northern side of Elisabeth Bridge and to the east of Naphegy. Wikipedia

  • University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest

    State-owned university in Budapest, Hungary. University of Veterinary Medicine of Budapest Wikipedia

  • Trams in Budapest

    Part of the mass transit system of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. The tram lines serve as the second most important backbone of the transit system (after the bus network), carrying almost 100 million more passengers annually than the Budapest Metro. Wikipedia


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    • Perhaps the most well-known swampy area is the Merzse-mocsár which is located on the edge of Budapest's XVII. district.Gödöllő-Wikipedia
    • The capital Budapest is subdivided into 23 districts (kerületek, singular: kerület).Counties of Hungary-Wikipedia
    • The main edifice of the Academy was erected in 1836 at the Ludovica Garden, in Budapest's centrally located VIIIth district.Ludovica Academy-Wikipedia
    • Hungary has 19 counties, 174 districts + 23 districts in Budapest and 2,722 municipality.Geography of Hungary-Wikipedia
    • Since 1990, the position is domestically known as Lord Mayor (főpolgármester) to distinguish the office from that of the mayors that lead each of Budapest's 23 districts.Mayor of Budapest-Wikipedia
    • Csepel (Tschepele) is the 21st district and a neighbourhood in Budapest, Hungary.Csepel-Wikipedia

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