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List of islands of Tasmania, the smallest and southernmost state of Australia. Wikipedia

  • Maatsuyker Islands

    The Maatsuyker Islands are a group of islands and rocks located 5.5 km off the south coast of Tasmania, Australia. Southernmost island of the group and of the Australian continental shelf. Wikipedia

  • Island, lying close to the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. Located in Norfolk Bay, situated off the Tasman Peninsula. Wikipedia

  • 103 ha island that lies close to the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. Situated in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, between Bruny Island and the mainland of Tasmania and is part of the South Bruny National Park. Wikipedia

  • Bruny Island

    362 km2 island located off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. Separated from the Tasmanian mainland by the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, and its east coast lies within the Tasman Sea. Wikipedia

  • Smooth Island (Tasmania)

    Privately owned island with an area of 59.31 ha lying close to the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. Part of the Sloping Island Group situated in Norfolk Bay and surrounded by the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas. Wikipedia

  • Hunter Island (Tasmania)

    7330 ha island, located in Bass Strait, that lies between King Island and north-west Tasmania, Australia. Located near Three Hummock Island, several kilometres off the north-west coast of Tasmania. Wikipedia


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    • The book is considered an essential measure of the state of Tasmania's islands, birds inhabiting them, and the condition of the islands.Tasmania's offshore islands-Wikipedia
    • The state encompasses the main island of Tasmania, the 26th-largest island in the world, and the surrounding 334 islands.Tasmania-Wikipedia

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