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This worldwide list of music museums encompasses past and present museums that focus on musicians, musical instruments or other musical subjects. Wikipedia

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    List of aviation museums and museums that contain significant aerospace-related exhibits throughout the world. The aviation museums are listed alphabetically by country and their article name. Wikipedia

  • List of natural history museums

    List of natural history museums, also known as museums of natural history, i.e. museums whose exhibits focus on the subject of natural history, including such topics as animals, plants, ecosystems, geology, paleontology, and climatology. Some museums feature natural-history collections in addition to other collections, such as ones related to history, art and science. Wikipedia

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    List of pharmacy schools by country. {| class="wikitable sortable" Wikipedia

  • List of association football competitions

    List of the association football competitions past and present for international teams and for club football, in individual countries and internationally. Confirmed future competitions, such as the 4 Associations' Tournament, are also included. Wikipedia

  • List of the most famous statues worldwide, past and present that already have articles about them in Wikipedia or are referred to or pictured in other articles. Lost statues in Hong Kong include: Wikipedia

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    This page lists shopping streets and districts by city. Typically these are open-air street-side upscale shopping districts that are destination locations in cities. Wikipedia


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