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Annual event commemorating the anniversary of a nation's independence or statehood, usually after ceasing to be a group or part of another nation or state, or more rarely after the end of a military occupation. Wikipedia

  • When a state, institution, nation, or administrative region ceases to exist, usually separating into two or more entities. This can be carried out through armed conflict, legal means, diplomacy, or a combination of all or any of the three. Wikipedia

  • Republic of Cuba (1902–1959)

    The Republic of Cuba from 1902 to 1959 encompasses the period after Cuba's independence from the Spanish Empire and end of its first U.S. military occupation in 1902. This era included various changing governments and US military occupations, and ended with the success of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. Wikipedia

  • The 100th anniversary of the statehood of the U.S. state of Oregon. February 14, 1959, but centennial events took place throughout the year. Wikipedia

  • Ethnic group or nation that does not possess its own state and is not the majority population in any nation state. The term "stateless" implies that the group "should have" such a state (country). Wikipedia

  • Assertion by a defined territory that it is independent and constitutes a state. Such places are usually declared from part or all of the territory of another state or failed state, or are breakaway territories from within the larger state. Wikipedia

  • National Independence Day (Poland)

    National day in Poland celebrated on 11 November to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland's sovereignty as the Second Polish Republic in 1918 from the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires. Following the partitions in the late 18th century, Poland ceased to exist for 123 years until the end of World War I, when the destruction of the neighbouring powers allowed the country to reemerge. Wikipedia


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    • Independence from Spain was gained on 12 October 1968 and the region became the Republic of Equatorial Guinea (the date is celebrated as the country's Independence Day ).Equatorial Guinea-Wikipedia
    • Senegal withdrew from the federation in August 1960, which allowed the Sudanese Republic to become the independent Republic of Mali on 22 September 1960, and that date is now the country's Independence Day.Mali-Wikipedia
    • Dacko became the country's first president when the CAR formally received independence from France on 13 August 1960, a date celebrated by the country's Independence Day holiday.Central African Republic-Wikipedia
    • On 27 October 1979 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines became the last of the Windward Islands to gain full independence, and this date is now the country's Independence Day, a public holiday.Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-Wikipedia
    • The socio-cultural system, in turn, gives meaning to a political culture through shared symbols and rituals (such as a national independence day) which reflect common values.Political culture-Wikipedia
    • Prince Charles delivered the official documents to Prime Minister Lynden Pindling, officially declaring The Bahamas a fully independent nation on 10 July 1973, and this date is now celebrated as the country's Independence Day.The Bahamas-Wikipedia

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