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Philosophers born in the 20th century (and others important in the history of philosophy) listed alphabetically: Wikipedia

  • List of women philosophers

    List of women philosophers ordered alphabetically by surname. Although often overlooked in mainstream historiography, women have engaged in philosophy throughout the field's history. Wikipedia

  • German Catholic philosopher and an important figure in the resurgence of interest in the thought of Thomas Aquinas in early-to-mid 20th-century philosophy. Among his most notable works are The Four Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance; Leisure, the Basis of Culture; and Guide to Thomas Aquinas (published in England as Introduction to Thomas Aquinas). Wikipedia

  • Heideggerian terminology

    Martin Heidegger, the 20th-century German philosopher, produced a large body of work that intended a profound change of direction for philosophy. The depth of change that he found it necessary to introduce a large number of neologisms, often connected to idiomatic words and phrases in the German language. Wikipedia

  • List of feminist philosophers, that is, people who theorize about gender issues and female perspectives in different areas of philosophy. Carol Adams Wikipedia

  • Ned Block

    American philosopher working in philosophy of mind who has made important contributions to the understanding of consciousness and the philosophy of cognitive science. He has been professor of philosophy and psychology at New York University since 1996. Wikipedia

  • In the 19th century, the philosophers of the 18th-century Enlightenment began to have a dramatic effect on subsequent developments in philosophy. In particular, the works of Immanuel Kant gave rise to a new generation of German philosophers and began to see wider recognition internationally. Wikipedia

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