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Postal codes in the People's Republic of China are postal codes used by China Post for the delivery of letters and goods within mainland China. Wikipedia

  • Telephone numbers in China

    Telephone numbers in China are organized according to the Chinese Telephone Code Plan. The numerical formats of landlines and mobile phones are different: landlines have area-codes, whereas mobile phones do not. Wikipedia

  • Postal codes in Taiwan

    System of three + three digits used by Chunghwa Post. There are 368 sets of three-digit codes for townships, county-administered cities, and districts in Taiwan. Wikipedia

  • With the exception of mail from Mainland China, postal codes are not used in Hong Kong as the Hongkong Post deems it unnecessary to adopt such system. Only sporadically used when sending mail from Mainland China. Wikipedia

  • Government agency that regulates China Post, the postal service of the People's Republic of China. Now under the administration of the Ministry of Transport. Wikipedia

  • Chunghwa Post

    Official postal service of Taiwan . Government agency of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications until 2003, when it was reorganized into a government-owned corporation. Wikipedia

  • Vehicle registration plates of China

    Vehicle registration plates in China are mandatory metal or plastic plates attached to motor vehicles in mainland China for official identification purposes. The plates are issued by the local traffic management offices, which are sub branches of local public security bureaus, under the rules of the Ministry of Public Security. Wikipedia


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