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The previous capital city in the state of Karnataka, India. Wikipedia

  • Mysore

    City in the southern part of the state of Karnataka, India. Geographically located between 12° 18′ 26″ north latitude and 76° 38′ 59″ east longitude. Wikipedia

  • Mysore district

    Administrative district located in the southern part of the state of Karnataka, India. Administrative headquarters of Mysore Division .Chamarajanagar District was carved out of the original larger Mysore District in the year 1998. Wikipedia

  • Culture of Mysore

    City in the state of Karnataka, India. Known as the cultural capital of Karnataka. Wikipedia

  • List of tourist attractions in Bangalore

    Capital of the Indian state Karnataka. Known as the "Garden City of India". Wikipedia

  • Architecture of Karnataka

    The antiquity of architecture of Karnataka (ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ವಾಸ್ತುಶಿಲ್ಪ) can be traced to its southern Neolithic and early Iron Age, Having witnessed the architectural ideological and utilitarian transformation from shelter- ritual- religion. As old as c.2000 B.C.E. The upper or late Neolithic people in order to make their shelters, they constructed huts made of wattle and doab, that were buttressed by stone boulders, presumably having conical roof resting on the bamboo or wooden posts into red murram or paved granite chips as revealed in archaeological excavations in sites like Brhamagiri , Sanganakallu, Tekkalakota (Bellary district), Piklihal (Raichur district). Wikipedia

  • Tourism in Karnataka

    Karnataka, the sixth largest state in India, has been ranked as the third most popular state in the country for tourism in 2014. Home to 507 of the 3600 centrally protected monuments in India, the largest number after Uttar Pradesh. Wikipedia

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