Criminals similar to or like Louis Campagna

American gangster and mobster and a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit for over three decades. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster who became a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization. He changed his name to John Marshall when he moved to Las Vegas. Wikipedia

  • American mobster and a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit crime organization. Alleged to be the Consigliere of the Outfit. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization. Most known for stealing the Marlborough diamond in London in 1980, and also for serving as a technical advisor on the 2009 film Public Enemies. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization, who oversaw gambling. His nicknames were "Big Dom", "Large", and "the Hat." Wikipedia

  • American mobster and the reputed former boss of the Chicago Outfit. DiFronzo, a former enforcer and caporegime, first appeared in the criminal record in 1949. Wikipedia

  • Greek-American mobster and high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit, who succeeded Jake Guzik as the Syndicate's main political "fixer". According to William F. Roemer, Wikipedia

  • American mobster and high-level member of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization. Born in Chicago, Illinois. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and member of Chicago Outfit. Also the younger brother of mobster Angelo "the Hook" LaPietra. Wikipedia

  • Albert Tocco

    High-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit during the 1970s and 1980s. He allegedly controlled the rackets on the South Side of Chicago, the south suburbs, and parts of Northern Indiana (Al Capone's old stomping grounds). Wikipedia

  • High-ranking American mobster of the Chicago Outfit. Last seen outside a Melrose Park restaurant where his car was found after a missing person's report was made by his wife. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and member of the Chicago Outfit who specialized in loansharking. Member of the Chicago 42 Gang with future Outfit boss Sam "Momo" Giancana. Wikipedia

  • John Roselli

    Influential mobster for the Chicago Outfit who helped that organization control Hollywood and the Las Vegas Strip. Recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency in a plot to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Wikipedia

  • The older brother of Chicago Outfit mobster, Tony Spilotro and of Outfit associate, Michael Spilotro. Not until the 1980s that Victor started to get public attention. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and "hitman" for the Chicago Outfit. A former member of the [Forty-Two Gang] in Chicago, Aloisio's arrest record dated back to 1928. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster of Welsh descent who was the chief political and labor racketeer in the Chicago Outfit during Prohibition. Known to place great trust in the corruptibility of authority figures; a favorite maxim of his was: "The difference between guilt and innocence in any court is who gets to the judge first with the most". Wikipedia

  • Prohibition gangster and member of the Chicago Outfit. Related to a childhood accident after a falling brick from a construction site had crushed his right hand, resulting in the loss of two fingers. Wikipedia

  • Al Capone

    American gangster and businessman who attained notoriety during the Prohibition era as the co-founder and boss of the Chicago Outfit. His seven-year reign as crime boss ended when he went to prison at age 33. Wikipedia

  • Lawrence Mangano

    Chicago mobster and member of the Chicago Outfit during the 1920s to the 1940s. Relative of Joseph Mangano and Philip Mangano, of Chicago, and a suspected relative of Mafia Don Vincenzo "Vincent" Mangano. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and member of the Chicago Outfit who operated on the city's West Side. Born in Stone Park, Illinois, Pranno's criminal record stretched back to 1934 and included charges of armed robbery, extortion, murder and bombing. Wikipedia

  • Frank Schweihs

    American gangster, who worked for The Outfit, the organized crime family of Chicago. At the time of his death, federal prosecutors planned to indict him for numerous crimes, including murder. Wikipedia

  • Jack McGurn

    Small-time boxer, Sicilian-American mobster and key member of Al Capone's Chicago Outfit. Born in July 1902 in Licata, Sicily, the eldest son of Tommaso and Giuseppa Gibaldi . Wikipedia

  • Italian-American mobster with the Chicago Outfit. Born in Cicero, Illinois. Wikipedia

  • American gangster associated with Sam Giancana and the Chicago Outfit. The head of the Chicago Outfit's slot machine racket. Wikipedia

  • Chicago Outfit

    Italian-American organized crime syndicate based in Chicago, Illinois which dates back to the 1910s. Part of the American Mafia originating in South Side, Chicago. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and member of the Chicago Outfit, involved in extensive loansharking operations in the city's First Ward during the 1970s and 1980s. He earned his nickname "The Hook" due to the way he murdered his victims—those that did not, or could not pay up. Wikipedia

  • American mobster and enforcer for the Chicago Outfit in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the 1970s and 80s. To protect and oversee the Outfit's illegal casino profits , when some of the casinos were run by Frank Rosenthal; replacing Outfit member Marshall Caifano in Las Vegas. Wikipedia

  • Johnny Torrio

    Italian American mobster who helped to build a criminal organization, the Chicago Outfit, in the 1920s; it was later inherited by his protégé, Al Capone. Unofficial adviser to Lucky Luciano and his Luciano crime family. Wikipedia

  • Chicago mobster and boss of the Chicago Outfit during the late 1960s. The younger brother of mobster Frank "Skippy" Cerone, father of lawyer John Peter Cerone, and husband to the late Clara Cerone. Wikipedia

  • American mobster in the Chicago Outfit and a high-ranking bookmaker who was convicted in 1988 for syndicated gambling. Linked to baseball star Pete Rose in a scandal as having been a bookie through whom Rose had placed bets on major-league baseball. Wikipedia


Sentences forLouis Campagna

  • Among those prosecuted were Nitti, Phil D'Andrea, Louis "Little New York" Campagna, Nick Circella, Charles "Cherry Nose" Gioe, Ralph Pierce, Ricca, and John "Handsome Johnny" Roselli.Frank Nitti-Wikipedia
  • Present at this meeting were Goetz, Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Fred Burke, Gus Winkler, Louis Campagna, Daniel Serritella, William Pacelli, and Bolton.Saint Valentine's Day Massacre-Wikipedia
  • In early 1937, Horan and mobster Louis Campagna met Taylor at the Bismarck Hotel (171 West Randolph Street in Chicago) and offered him $50,000 in cash to voluntarily affiliate his union with BSEIU.Jerry Horan-Wikipedia
  • Capone gunmen Frank Perry, Sam Marcus and Louis "Little New York" Campagna were arrested as they tried to enter the front of the station and placed in the cell next to Aiello, who Campagna told, "You're dead, friend, dead. You won't get up to the end of the street still walking".Joe Aiello-Wikipedia
  • However, most experts believe Accardo had only peripheral connections, if any, with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and none whatsoever with the Yale murder, which was most likely committed by Gus Winkler, Fred Burke, and Louis Campagna.Tony Accardo-Wikipedia
  • Around the time of his marriage, Glimco became an associate of important Chicago Outfit leaders Tony Accardo and Louis "Little New York" Campagna.Joseph Glimco-Wikipedia
  • Recent research has indicated that Yale's killers were Capone mob gunmen Fred "Killer" Burke, Gus Winkler, George "Shotgun" Ziegler, and Louis "Little New York" Campagna.Frankie Yale-Wikipedia
  • That year, he sent Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn and Louis "Little New York" Campagna to Touhy's headquarters in Schiller Park.Roger Touhy-Wikipedia
  • During the mid-1930s, Gioe, Paul "The Waiter" Ricca and Louis "Little New York" Campagna, began financially supporting extortion operations by Willie Morris Bioff and George Brown against Hollywood movie studios.Charles Gioe-Wikipedia
  • While in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in the 1940s DeStefano met Outfit members Paul Ricca and Louis Campagna.Sam DeStefano-Wikipedia
  • Louis Campagna is believed to have fired the machine gun that killed him.James McLain-Wikipedia
  • Many of the committee's hearings were televised live on national television to large audiences, providing many Americans with their first glimpse of organized crime's influence in the U.S. Among the more notorious figures who appeared before the committee were Tony "Joe Batters" Accardo, Louis "Little New York" Campagna, Mickey Cohen, Frank Costello, Jake "Greasy Thumb" Guzik, Meyer Lansky, Paul "The Waiter" Ricca, Virginia Hill (former Joe Adonis-Chicago Outfit messenger and mobster Benjamin Siegel's girlfriend), and four of Irish mob boss Enoch "Nucky" Johnson's former policemen in Atlantic City were also called forth.United States Senate Special Committee to Investigate Crime in Interstate Commerce-Wikipedia
  • *Louis Campagna, "Little New York" Chicago Outfit member1955 in organized crime-Wikipedia

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