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Beginning of a calendar year whose months are moon cycles, based on the lunar calendar or lunisolar calendar. Wikipedia

  • Chinese New Year

    Festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. Also commonly referred to as Spring Festival as the spring season in the lunisolar calendar traditionally starts with lichun, the first of the twenty-four solar terms which the festival celebrates around the time of the Lunar New Year. Wikipedia

  • Korean New Year

    First day of the Korean calendar, which is based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. One of the most important traditional Korean holidays. Wikipedia

  • New Year

    Time or day at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar's year count increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner. Wikipedia

  • Tsagaan Sar

    First day of the year according to the Mongolian lunisolar calendar. Celebrated by the Mongols and some Turkic peoples. Wikipedia

  • Nepal Sambat

    Lunar calendar used by the Nepalese-speaking people native to the Indian subcontinent of Nepalese nationality and ethnic Nepalis. The Calendar era began on 20 October 879 AD, with 1141 in Nepal Sambat corresponding to the year 2020–2021 AD. Nepal Sambat appeared on coins, stone and copper plate inscriptions, royal decrees, chronicles, Hindu and Buddhist manuscripts, legal documents and correspondence. Wikipedia

  • New moon

    Between the Earth and the Sun, the bright side of the Moon is facing away from the Earth, which is known as a new moon. First lunar phase, when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude. Wikipedia


    Sentences forLunar New Year

    • Each year on Valley Boulevard, the cities of Alhambra and San Gabriel used to co-host the San Gabriel Valley Lunar New Year Parade and Festival, which ran from Del Mar to Garfield Avenues.Alhambra, California-Wikipedia
    • In Japan today, the old Chinese calendar is virtually ignored; celebrations of the Lunar New Year are thus limited to Chinese and other Asian immigrant communities.Japanese calendar-Wikipedia
    • Food is often placed at the ancestral altar as an offering to the dead on special occasions (such as Lunar New Year).Vietnamese cuisine-Wikipedia
    • For New Year celebrations that are lunar but are outside of China and Chinese diaspora (such as Korea's Seollal and Vietnam's Tết), see the article on Lunar New Year.Chinese New Year-Wikipedia
    • It is sometimes called the Lunar New Year, but it is different in Boston's Chinatown based on when spring begins.Chinatown, Boston-Wikipedia
    • Another example of a major secular holiday is the Lunar New Year, which is celebrated across East Asia and South East Asia.Holiday-Wikipedia

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