Artists similar to or like Marco DaSilva

Brazilian-American multimedia artist, primary working in painting and drawing. Wikipedia

  • Bruce Conner

    American artist who worked with assemblage, film, drawing, sculpture, painting, collage, and photography. Born November 18, 1933 in McPherson, Kansas. Wikipedia

  • Marko Mäetamm

    Estonian multimedia artist, working within the mediums of video, drawing and the internet. Mäetamm began studying graphic art at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1988 and received his M.A. from the academy in 1996. Wikipedia

  • Ryszard Wasko

    Polish artist, who has worked in multimedia, including photography, film, video, installation, painting, and drawing. Also known as a curator and organizer of art events. Wikipedia

  • Slava Mogutin

    New York-based Russian artist and author, who works across different media, including photography, video, text, installation, sculpture, and painting. Born in Siberia, in the industrial city of Kemerovo, Mogutin moved to Moscow as a teenager to separate himself from the elders. Wikipedia

  • George Sugarman

    American artist working in the mediums of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Often described as controversial and forward-thinking, Sugarman's prolific body of work defies a definitive style. Wikipedia

  • Brazilian artist who works with painting, drawing and engraving. Pennacchi started to draw and paint at school and with his father, Brazilian artist Fulvio Pennacchi. Wikipedia


    Sentences forMarco DaSilva

    • In 2017, Collins served as a mentor to Marco DaSilva in Queer Art's Fellowship program.Liz Collins-Wikipedia

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