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Marine ecosystems are the largest of Earth's aquatic ecosystems and are distinguished by waters that have a high salt content. Wikipedia

  • Marine habitats

    Marine habitats are habitats that support marine life. In the sea . Wikipedia

  • Aquatic ecosystem

    Ecosystem in a body of water. Communities of organisms that are dependent on each other and on their environment live in aquatic ecosystems. Wikipedia

  • Marine life

    Plants, animals and other organisms that live in the salt water of the sea or ocean, or the brackish water of coastal estuaries. At a fundamental level, marine life affects the nature of the planet. Wikipedia

  • Freshwater ecosystems are a subset of Earth's aquatic ecosystems. They include lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, springs, bogs, and wetlands. Wikipedia

  • Blue carbon

    Blue carbon refers to carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by the world's ocean ecosystems, mostly algae, mangroves, salt marshes, seagrasses and macroalgae, through plant growth and the accumulation and burial of organic matter in the soil. Historically the ocean, atmosphere, soil, and terrestrial forest ecosystems have been the largest natural carbon (C) sinks. Wikipedia

  • Marine conservation

    Protection and preservation of ecosystems in oceans and seas through planned management in order to prevent the over-exploitation of these resources. Informed by the study of marine plants and animal resources and ecosystem functions and is driven by response to the manifested negative effects seen in the environment such as species loss, habitat degradation and changes in ecosystem functions and focuses on limiting human-caused damage to marine ecosystems, restoring damaged marine ecosystems, and preserving vulnerable species and ecosystems of the marine life. Wikipedia


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