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The first of four constitutions under which the U.S. state of Maryland has been governed. Wikipedia

  • The third of the four constitutions which have governed the U.S. state of Maryland. Adopted, the 1864 document was short-lived. Wikipedia

  • Ratified by the people of the state on September 18, 1867, forms the basic law for the U.S. state of Maryland. Fourth constitution under which the state has been governed. Wikipedia

  • Government of Maryland

    Conducted according to the Maryland Constitution. Federation; consequently, the government of Maryland, like the other 49 state governments, has exclusive authority over matters that lie entirely within the state's borders, except as limited by the Constitution of the United States. Wikipedia

  • Maryland Court of Appeals

    Supreme court of the U.S. state of Maryland. Composed of one chief judge and six associate judges, meets in the Robert C. Murphy Courts of Appeal Building in the state capital, Annapolis. Wikipedia

  • Commander-in-chief of the state's military forces. Highest-ranking official in the state, and the constitutional powers of Maryland's governors make them among the most powerful governors in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Maryland Senate

    Upper house of the General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Maryland. Equal number of constituent single-member districts, the Senate is responsible, along with the Maryland House of Delegates, for passage of laws in Maryland, and for confirming executive appointments made by the Governor of Maryland. Wikipedia


    Sentences forMaryland Constitution of 1776

    • In 1775 he drafted the declaration of rights adopted by the Maryland assembly and later included as the first part of the state's first constitution.Thomas Johnson (jurist)-Wikipedia
    • Under the constitution of 1776, governors were appointed by the General Assembly legislature to one-year terms and could be reelected for two additional terms.List of governors of Maryland-Wikipedia
    • As the highest tribunal in Maryland, the Court of Appeals was created by Article 56 of the Maryland Constitution of 1776.Maryland Court of Appeals-Wikipedia
    • Under the first Maryland Constitution of 1776 for the independent state, the governor was chosen for one-year terms by both houses of the General Assembly.Governor of Maryland-Wikipedia
    • The conventions were replaced by the new state government which the Maryland Constitution of 1776 had established.History of Maryland-Wikipedia
    • Specific issues were State constitutional reform and direct election of the state government (both opposed by the Federalists).Samuel Sprigg-Wikipedia

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