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National Guard component for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Wikipedia

  • History of the United States Army National Guard

    The history of the Army National Guard in the United States dates from 1636, when the Massachusetts Bay Colony's government organized existing militia companies into three regiments. The National Guard's history continued through the colonial era, including the French and Indian War, and extends into the modern era, including participation in the War on Terror. Wikipedia

  • 104th Infantry Regiment (United States)

    First mustered as the Springfield Train Band in Springfield, Massachusetts. Formed into the Hampshire Regiment of the Massachusetts Militia. Wikipedia

  • History of Massachusetts

    Now Massachusetts was colonised by English settlers in the early 17th century and became the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the 18th century. Inhabited by a variety of Indian tribes. Wikipedia

  • 101st Infantry Regiment (United States)

    Formation of the United States Army, Massachusetts Army National Guard. Its history dates back to the American Civil War, and continues to the Spanish–American War, World War I, and World War II before being deactivated in 1993. Wikipedia

  • 133rd Engineer Battalion

    Component of the Maine Army National Guard and the United States Army. Oldest in the Maine Guard and is one of the largest organizations in the state. Wikipedia

  • United States National Guard

    Part of the reserve components of the United States Army and the United States Air Force. Military reserve force composed of National Guard military members or units of each state and the territories of Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, for a total of 54 separate organizations. Wikipedia


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