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Mausoleum interring Petar II Petrović-Njegoš located on the top of Mount Lovćen. Wikipedia

  • Petar II Petrović-Njegoš

    Prince-Bishop (vladika) of Montenegro, poet and philosopher whose works are widely considered some of the most important in Serbian/Montenegrin literature. Born in the village of Njeguši, near Montenegro's then-capital Cetinje. Wikipedia

  • Petrović-Njegoš (Serbian Cyrillic: Петровић-Његош, pl. Petrović-Njegoši / Петровић-Његоши) were the family that ruled Montenegro from 1697 to 1916. Independent principality in 1878. Wikipedia

  • The Mountain Wreath

    Poem and a play written by Prince-Bishop and poet Petar II Petrović-Njegoš. Armenian monastery in Vienna. Wikipedia

  • Njeguši

    Village in the Cetinje Municipality of southern Montenegro, located on the slopes of Mount Lovćen, within the Lovćen national park. Best known as the birthplace of the Petrović Radonjić family. Wikipedia

  • Danilo I, Prince of Montenegro

    Ruling Prince of Montenegro, from 1851 to 1860. Archaic form of government into a secular Principality. Wikipedia

  • Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro

    Ecclesiastical principality that existed from 1516 until 1852. It emerged from the bishops of Cetinje, later metropolitans, who defied Ottoman overlordship and transformed the parish of Cetinje to a de facto theocracy, ruling as Metropolitans (vladika, also rendered "Prince-bishop"). Wikipedia


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