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American heavy metal band. Wikipedia

  • List of awards and nominations received by Metallica

    American Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band formed in 1981 from Los Angeles, California. Also co-founder of the band along with the drummer Lars Ulrich, while Kirk Hammett is lead guitarist and Robert Trujillo is bassist. Wikipedia

  • James Hetfield

    American musician and songwriter best known for being the co-founder, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter for the American thrash metal band Metallica. Mainly known for his intricate rhythm playing, but occasionally performs lead guitar duties and solos, both live and in the studio. Wikipedia

  • List of Metallica concert tours

    American heavy metal band, founded in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield. Aside from Ulrich, the original lineup for some of the 1982 concerts included James Hetfield (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Dave Mustaine (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Ron McGovney (bass guitar). Wikipedia

  • Kirk Hammett

    American musician who has been the lead guitarist and a contributing songwriter for heavy metal band Metallica since 1983. Before joining Metallica he formed and named the band Exodus. Wikipedia

  • The American heavy metal band Metallica recorded several demos throughout their career. These two cover songs were recorded in then bassist Ron McGovney’s garage, during rehearsals that took place in March 1982. Wikipedia

  • Bay Area thrash metal

    Bay Area thrash metal (also known as Bay Area thrash) referred to a steady following of heavy metal bands in the 1980s who formed and gained international status in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Widely regarded as a starting point of American thrash metal and death metal. Wikipedia


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