People similar to or like Meyer Lansky

American major organized crime figure who, along with his associate Charles "Lucky" Luciano, was instrumental in the development of the National Crime Syndicate in the United States. Wikipedia

  • New Orleans crime family

    Italian-American Mafia crime family based in the city of New Orleans. The family had a history of criminal activity dating back to the late nineteenth century. Wikipedia

  • Bugsy Siegel

    American mobster who was a driving force behind the development of the Las Vegas Strip. Influential within the Jewish mob, but along with his friend and fellow gangster Meyer Lansky, also held significant influence within the Italian-American Mafia and the largely Italian-Jewish National Crime Syndicate. Wikipedia

  • Lucky Luciano

    Italian-born gangster who operated mainly in the United States. Instrumental in the development of the National Crime Syndicate. Wikipedia

  • The name given by the press to the multi-ethnic, loosely connected American confederation of several criminal organizations. Led by the closely interconnected Italian-American Mafia and Jewish mob; to a lesser extent, it also involved other criminal organizations such as the Irish Mob. Wikipedia

  • Gambino crime family

    One of the "Five Families" that dominate organized crime activities in New York City, United States, within the nationwide criminal phenomenon known as the American Mafia. Named after Carlo Gambino, boss of the family at the time of the McClellan hearings in 1963, when the structure of organized crime first gained public attention. Wikipedia

  • Frank Costello

    Italian-American crime boss of the Luciano crime family. Assassination attempt ordered by Vito Genovese and carried out by Vincent Gigante. Wikipedia


    Sentences forMeyer Lansky

    • Meyer Lansky made inroads into the casino industry in Cuba during the 1930s while the Mafia was already involved in exporting Cuban sugar and rum.American Mafia-Wikipedia
    • They all had links to a national network via Meyer Lansky, who was powerful, but there was no evidence that Lansky or anyone else exercised centralized control over them.Organized crime-Wikipedia
    • In 1959, with the assistance of Lucky Luciano, Costello, and Meyer Lansky, Genovese was arrested and Gambino assumed full control with Lucchese of the Mafia Commission.Gambino crime family-Wikipedia
    • Santo Trafficante Jr. took the roulette wheel at the Sans Souci Casino, Meyer Lansky directed the Hotel Habana Riviera, with Lucky Luciano at the Hotel Nacional Casino.Havana-Wikipedia
    • According to Summers, organized crime figures Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello obtained photos of Hoover's alleged homosexual activity with Tolson and used them to ensure that the FBI did not target their illegal activities.J. Edgar Hoover-Wikipedia
    • Lucky Luciano established Cosa Nostra in Manhattan, forming alliances with other criminal enterprises, including the Jewish mob, led by Meyer Lansky, the leading Jewish gangster of that period.Manhattan-Wikipedia

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