Musical artists similar to or like Michael Giacchino

American musician and composer of music for films, television and video games. Wikipedia

  • Industrial Light & Magic

    American motion picture visual effects company that was founded in May 1975 by George Lucas. Division of the film production company Lucasfilm, which Lucas founded, and was created when Lucas began production of the film Star Wars. Wikipedia

  • Brian Tyler

    American composer, musician, conductor, arranger, and producer, known for his film, television, and video game scores. Tyler scored Transformers: Prime, Eagle Eye, The Expendables trilogy, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron with Danny Elfman, Now You See Me, and Crazy Rich Asians, among others. Wikipedia

  • American composer, arranger, musician, lyricist, and record producer. Best known for his film and television scores. Wikipedia

  • Turkish-American composer for film, television and video games. Most well-known for composing the score to the hit Marvel movie, Captain Marvel . Wikipedia

  • Jerry Goldsmith

    American composer and conductor, most known for his work in film and television scoring. He composed scores for five films in the Star Trek franchise and three in the Rambo franchise, as well as for Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes, Patton, Chinatown, Poltergeist, Gremlins, Hoosiers, Total Recall, Air Force One, L.A. Confidential, Mulan, and The Mummy. Wikipedia

  • James Horner

    American composer, conductor and orchestrator of over 100 film scores. Known for the integration of choral and electronic elements, and for his frequent use of motifs associated with Celtic music. Wikipedia


    Sentences forMichael Giacchino

    • Michael Giacchino employed character themes in the soundtrack for the 2009 animated film Up, for which he received the Academy Award for Best Score.Film score-Wikipedia
    • Michael Giacchino, Abrams' most frequent collaborator, composed the music for Star Trek.Star Trek (film)-Wikipedia
    • All of them are composed by Michael Giacchino, except for the opening theme which was composed by J. J. Abrams.Alias (TV series)-Wikipedia
    • Zootopia received positive reviews from critics, who praised its screenplay, animation, voice acting, subject matter, and Michael Giacchino's musical score.Zootopia-Wikipedia
    • The Incredibles is the first Pixar film to be scored by Michael Giacchino.The Incredibles-Wikipedia
    • Ratatouille is the second Pixar film to be scored by Michael Giacchino after The Incredibles.Ratatouille (film)-Wikipedia

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