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Superfamily of "mandibulate archaic moths", all placed in the single family Micropterigidae, containing currently about twenty living genera. Wikipedia

  • Infraorder of insects in the lepidopteran order, containing a single superfamily, Acanthopteroctetoidea, and a single family, Acanthopteroctetidae. They are currently considered the fifth group up on the comb of branching events in the extant lepidopteran phylogeny (Kristensen and Skalski, 1999: 10). Wikipedia

  • Epermeniidae

    Family of insects in the lepidopteran order with about 14 genera. No longer maintained since the last group is probably hierarchically nested within the first (Dugdale et al., 1999). Wikipedia

  • Apystomyiidae

    Small family of flies containing the living genus Apystomyia and the extinct genera Apystomima and Hilarimorphites. Native to California. Wikipedia

  • Palaeontinidae

    Extinct family of cicadomorphs. They existed during the Mesozoic era of Europe, Asia, and South America. Wikipedia

  • Superfamily of insects in the order Lepidoptera with a single family, Palaephatidae with seven known genera. These "Gondwanaland moths" exhibit a disjunct distribution occurring mainly in South America (Davis, 1986), with four species in eastern Australia and Tasmania and one in South Africa (Davis, 1999). Wikipedia

  • Extinct genus of small primitive metallic moths within the family Micropterigidae. Represented by two species, Auliepterix mirabilis in the Karabastau Svita of the Upper Jurassic of Kazakhstan and Auliepterix minima in Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous rocks near Khotont Somon in the Mongolian People's Republic. Wikipedia


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