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Military ranks are a system of hierarchical relationships in armed forces, police, intelligence agencies or other institutions organized along military lines. Wikipedia

  • Police rank

    Police ranks are a system of hierarchical relationships in police organizations. The rank system defines authority and responsibility in a police organization. Wikipedia

  • Albanian military ranks form the system of hierarchal ranks in Albania's armed forces. The rank insignia for commissioned officers for the army, navy and air force respectively. Wikipedia

  • Armies have military rank systems that are often used by other military services such as air forces or marines. To aid in the comparison of ranks in the armed forces of different countries, NATO rank codes are used. Wikipedia

  • Military meteorology

    Meteorology applied to military purposes, by armed forces or other agencies. One of the most common fields of employment for meteorologists. Wikipedia

  • Military science

    Study of military processes, institutions, and behavior, along with the study of warfare, and the theory and application of organized coercive force. Mainly focused on theory, method, and practice of producing military capability in a manner consistent with national defense policy. Wikipedia

  • Corporal

    Military rank in use in some form by many militaries and by some police forces or other uniformed organizations. Combined under the NATO-standard rank scale code OR-3 or OR-4. Wikipedia


    Sentences forMilitary rank

    • The Red Army abandoned epaulettes and ranks, using purely functional titles such as "Division Commander", "Corps Commander" and similar titles.Red Army-Wikipedia
    • The rank insignia of the French Navy are worn on shoulder straps of shirts and white jackets, and on sleeves for navy jackets and mantels.French Navy-Wikipedia
    • Officers during the Civil War from the state forces were known by the rank suffix "of volunteers"; if Regular Army, these officers were known by the rank suffix "USA".Regular Army (United States)-Wikipedia
    • In the Army, the rank for combat arms officers is generale di brigata whilst for the logistics and technical corps is called brigadier generale.Brigadier general-Wikipedia
    • Sergeant (abbreviated to Sgt. and capitalized when used as a named person's title) is a rank in many uniformed organizations, principally military and policing forces.Sergeant-Wikipedia
    • The commissioned officer ranks of the U.S. Navy are divided into three categories: junior officers, senior officers, and flag officers.United States Navy-Wikipedia

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