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Prominent subahdar of Bengal under the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Wikipedia

  • The last Subahdar of Bengal during the reign of emperor Aurangzeb. Diwan of Emperor Jahandar Shah. Wikipedia

  • The first Mughal subahdar (provincial governor) of Bengal Subah (Mughal province of Bengal) during the reign of emperor Jahangir. Appointed governor of Bengal on 2 September 1606 and died in office on 20 May 1607. Wikipedia

  • Battle of Khajwa

    Battle fought on January 5, 1659, between the newly crowned Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and Shah Shuja who also declared himself Mughal Emperor in Bengal. Shuja's army rested by the tank of Khajwa, about 30 miles to the west of Fatehpur- Wikipedia

  • The Subahdar of Bengal during the reign of Mughal emperor Jahangir from 1626 to 1627. Before this, he also served as the Thanadar of Bhawal, Governor of Koch Hajo, Sardar of Sylhet and Subahdar of Orissa. Wikipedia

  • Faujdar of Mughal Bengal's Sylhet Sarkar during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb and governorship of Subahdar Azim-ush-Shan. In 1699, Majid granted some land to Bharat Das Vaishnav in Dulali Pargana - named after Dulal Khan, Zamindar of Shahbazpur. Wikipedia

  • Muhammad Saleh Kamboh

    Noted calligraphist and official biographer of Emperor Shah Jahan and the teacher of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Known of the life of Muhammad Saleh Kamboh other than the works he composed. Wikipedia


    Sentences forMir Jumla II

    • For three years they were not attacked, but in 1660 Mir Jumla II, the viceroy of Bengal, was ordered to recover the lost territories.Aurangzeb-Wikipedia
    • Muslims of Golkonda conquered the region in 1594 when Mir Jumla II raided Gandikota fort and defeated Chinna Thimma Nayudu by treachery.Kadapa-Wikipedia
    • The kingdom came under repeated Mughal attacks in the 17th century, and on one occasion in 1662, the Mughals under Mir Jumla occupied the capital, Garhgaon.Ahom kingdom-Wikipedia
    • Shaista Khan was appointed the Subahdar of Bengal upon the death of Mir Jumla II in 1663.Shaista Khan-Wikipedia
    • Shah Shuja proclaimed himself as Emperor, but Aurangzeb ascended the throne of Dehli and sent Mir Jumla to subjugate Shuja.Shah Shuja (Mughal prince)-Wikipedia
    • Mir Jumla II came to know of the situation and sent three men to Manipur in late December 1661, to detain and retrieve Shuja's family.Pangal-Wikipedia

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