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Chairman of M.M. Ispahani from 1949 till 2004. Wikipedia

  • Bangladeshi businessman from the Ispahani family and the chairman of M. M. Ispahani Limited. Born on 30 October 1950, in the Ispahani family, which was founded in 1820, Haji Mohammed Hashem , the founder of Ispahani Group, who moved from Ispahan (Isfahan) in Persia to Bombay, and established the business. Wikipedia

  • Mirza Ahmad Ispahani

    Perso-Bengali businessman based in Chittagong and the patriarch of the Ispahani family. The founder of Orient Airways and the first chairman of Pakistan International Airlines . Wikipedia

  • The Ispahani family are a Perso-Bengali business family in Bangladesh and Pakistan which owns and manages the Ispahani Group, one of the country's leading conglomerates. Originally hailing from Isfahan, Iran, the family have been settled in the Indian subcontinent for more than two centuries. Wikipedia

  • M. M. Ispahani Limited

    Bangladeshi conglomerate. Owned by the Ispahani family. Wikipedia

  • Pakistani legislator and diplomat. Educated at St John's College, Cambridge. Wikipedia

  • Pakistani civil engineer and a vice chancellor of the University of Engineering and Technology , Pakistan from 2004 till 2016. Imtiaz Gilani has also served as a Minister for Education, Information, Youth, Tourism and Culture (1999-2003) and as the acting executive director of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan (2012 - 2013). Wikipedia


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