Programming languages similar to or like Modula

Descendant of the Pascal language. Wikipedia

  • Oberon (programming language)

    General-purpose programming language first published in 1987 by Niklaus Wirth and the latest member of the Wirthian family of ALGOL-like languages . The result of a concentrated effort to increase the power of Modula-2, the direct successor of Pascal, and simultaneously to reduce its complexity. Wikipedia

  • Programming language in the tradition of Niklaus Wirth's Pascal, Modula-2, Oberon and Oberon-2. Wikipedia

  • General purpose programming language in the line or family of the preceding languages Pascal, Modula, and Oberon. Author. Wikipedia

  • Oberon-2

    Extension of the original Oberon programming language that adds limited reflection and object-oriented programming facilities, open arrays as pointer base types, read-only field export and reintroduces the loop from Modula-2. Developed in 1991 at ETH Zurich by Niklaus Wirth and Hanspeter Mössenböck, who is now at Institut für Systemsoftware of the University of Linz, Austria. Wikipedia

  • Programming language descended from the Modula-2 language. Developed at DEC Systems Research Center and Acorn Computers Ltd Research Centre in Palo Alto, California. Wikipedia

  • Modula-3

    Programming language conceived as a successor to an upgraded version of Modula-2 known as Modula-2+. While it has been influential in research circles (influencing the designs of languages such as Java, C#, and Python ) it has not been adopted widely in industry. Wikipedia


    Sentences forModula

    • Module scope was pioneered in the Modula family of languages, and Python (which was influenced by Modula) is a representative contemporary example.Scope (computer science)-Wikipedia
    • One of the first languages designed from the start for modular programming was the short-lived Modula (1975), by Niklaus Wirth.Modular programming-Wikipedia
    • Niklaus Wirth, the inventor of Pascal, came to appreciate camel case during a sabbatical at PARC and used it in Modula, his next programming language.Camel case-Wikipedia
    • This approach (Boolean is an enumerated type) was adopted by most later languages which had enumerated types, such as Modula, Ada, and Haskell.Boolean data type-Wikipedia
    • Presented in 1983 in the PhD dissertation of Insup Lee, DYMOS was a fully integrated system that had access to an interactive user interface, a compiler and runtime for a Modula variant, and source code.Dynamic software updating-Wikipedia
    • Since Niklaus Wirth went on to develop languages such as Modula and Oberon (where one could define a module before knowing about the entire program specification), one can infer that top-down programming was not strictly what he promoted.Top-down and bottom-up design-Wikipedia

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