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The Mughal and later Durrani governor of the Lahore Subah between 1748 and 1753. Wikipedia

  • Fought between the Mughal Empire and the Durrani Empire on 11 March 1748. Following the assassination of Nader Shah, last Emperor of the Persian Afsharid dynasty, Ahmad Shah Durrani took control of Persian Afghanistan. Wikipedia

  • Subah of Lahore

    Subdivision of the Mughal Empire encompassing the central Punjab region. Parts of which now fall in Pakistan and the India. Wikipedia

  • The term for a province in the Mughal Empire. Derived from Arabic and Persian. Wikipedia

  • Battle which took place between the invading Ahmed Shah Abdali and Mir Mannu, the Mughal governor of Punjab in 1752. It took place at Lahore in current day Punjab province of Pakistan. Wikipedia

  • Nawabs of Bengal and Murshidabad

    The hereditary ruler of Bengal Subah in Mughal India. Comparable to the European title of Grand Duke. Wikipedia

  • Timur Shah Durrani

    The second ruler of the Durrani Empire, from 4 June 1772 until his death in 1793. The second child and eldest son of Ahmad Shah Durrani. Wikipedia


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