Mountains similar to or like Mount Rogers

Highest natural point in Virginia, United States, with a summit elevation of 5729 ft above mean sea level. Wikipedia

  • Second highest independent mountain in the U.S. state of Virginia, after nearby Mount Rogers. Also the third highest named peak in Virginia, after Mount Rogers and its subsidiary peak, Pine Mountain. Wikipedia

  • Britton Hill

    Highest natural point in the state of Florida, United States, with a summit elevation of 345 ft above mean sea level. Lowest state highpoint in the United States, 103 ft lower than the next lowest highpoint, Ebright Azimuth in Delaware, and far lower than many skyscrapers in Miami and other urban areas of Florida. Wikipedia

  • Black Mountain (Kentucky)

    Highest mountain peak in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, United States, with a summit elevation of 4145 ft above mean sea level and a top-to-bottom height of over 2500 ft. The summit is located at approximately 36.91417°N, -82.89389°W in Harlan County, Kentucky near the Virginia border, just above the towns of Lynch, Kentucky and Appalachia, Virginia. Alternatively known as Katahrin's Mountain, and is about 500 ft taller than any other mountain in Kentucky. Wikipedia

  • Hawksbill Mountain

    Mountain with an elevation of 4,050 ft. Marking the border between Madison County and Page County in Virginia, the summit of Hawksbill Mountain is the highest point in Shenandoah National Park, as well as the highest point in both Madison and Page counties. 2500 ft drop into Timber Hollow, which is the largest elevation change in the park. Wikipedia

  • George Washington and Jefferson National Forests

    Administrative entity combining two U.S. National Forests into one of the largest areas of public land in the Eastern United States. The forests cover 1.8 e6acre of land in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Wikipedia

  • Lewis Fork Wilderness

    Area in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area protected by the Eastern Wilderness Act of Congress to maintain its present, natural condition. Intended to preserve a variety of natural life forms and contribute to a diversity of plant and animal gene pools. Wikipedia


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