Species similar to or like Musca vitripennis

Species of fly in the genus Musca. Wikipedia

  • Species of fly in the genus Musca. It and Musca vitripennis are the only two species of Musca native to the Palearctic realm, according to Willi Hennig. Wikipedia

  • Musca (fly)

    Genus of flies. It includes Musca domestica (the housefly), as well as Musca autumnalis (the face fly or autumn housefly). Wikipedia

  • Musca vetustissima

    Species of fly found in Australia. Specific fly that has given rise to the expression "Aussie salute". Wikipedia

  • Eudasyphora

    Large genus from the fly family Muscidae. E. canadiana Cuny, 1980 Wikipedia

  • Widespread Old World species of fly, known from the dry areas of the Afrotropical realm, North Africa and the Middle East, Central Asia, India and Sri Lanka. Sun-loving species, and adults have been found clustering around domestic animals to feed on sweat and other secretions and on their feces. Wikipedia

  • Musca sorbens

    Close relative of, and very similar in appearance to, the housefly . Found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia and the Pacific Ocean region. Wikipedia


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