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Within the taxonomy of biology, the subfamily Muscinae includes two of the more familiar genera within the Muscidae family; Musca and Stomoxys. Wikipedia

  • Stomoxys

    Genus of flies in the family Muscidae. Unusual among the Muscidae in that it includes species that are bloodsucking ectoparasites of mammals. Wikipedia

  • Polietes

    Genus from the fly family Muscidae. P. domitor (Harris, 1780) Wikipedia

  • Genus from the fly family Muscidae. P. rapax (Harris, 1780) Wikipedia

  • Neomyia

    Genus from the fly family Muscidae. N. cornicina (Fabricius, 1781) Wikipedia

  • Stomoxyini

    Tribe of flies from the family Muscidae. Bruceomyia Malloch, 1932 Wikipedia

  • Mydaeinae

    The Mydaeinae are a subfamily of true flies, belonging to the family Muscidae. Brontaea Kowarz, 1873 Wikipedia


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