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Short film that integrates a song with imagery, and is produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Wikipedia

  • Provided as an overview of and topical guide to film: Film – refers to motion pictures as individual projects and to the field in general. Wikipedia

  • Practice of promotion specifically in the film industry, and usually occurs in coordination with the process of film distribution. Sometimes called the press junket or film junket, film promotion generally includes press releases, advertising campaigns, merchandising, franchising, media and interviews with the key people involved with the making of the film, like actors and directors. Wikipedia

  • 14-minute 1953 promotional animated short documentary film created by John Sutherland and sponsored by General Electric . Now in the public domain. Wikipedia

  • History of film

    Not clearly defined, the commercial, public screening of ten of Lumière brothers' short films in Paris on 28 December 1895 can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected cinematographic motion pictures. There had been earlier cinematographic results and screenings but these lacked either the quality or the momentum that propelled the cinématographe Lumière into a worldwide success. Wikipedia

  • One World or None

    Instructional documentary short film produced by the National Committee on Atomic Information in conjunction with Philip Ragan Productions. Considered the first postwar "atomic scare" film. Wikipedia

  • The Little Lost Child

    Popular song of 1894 by Edward B. Marks and Joseph W. Stern which sold more than two million copies of its sheet music following its promotion as the first ever illustrated song, an early precursor to the music video. Also known by its first three words: "A Passing Policeman." Wikipedia

  • 1954 American short documentary film about the artist Rembrandt produced by Morrie Roizman. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. Wikipedia

  • Dissonance (film)

    2015 German short film by German digital and visual artist, graphic designer and filmmaker Till Nowak. Hybrid film that combines live action with animation. Wikipedia

  • Non-narrative film

    Aesthetic of film that does not narrate, or relate " an event, whether real or imaginary". Usually a form of art film or experimental film, not made for mass entertainment. Wikipedia

  • Samsara (2011 film)

    2011 American non-narrative documentary film of international imagery directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson, who also collaborated on Baraka , a film of a similar vein, and Chronos (1985). Filmed over a period of five years in 25 different countries around the world. Wikipedia

  • In cinema a pressbook may be a piece of promotional material created and distributed by film producers in order to market their films. Prior to 1980, most film companies did their own promotion, and the pressbooks would be given to exhibitors. Wikipedia

  • Promotion Marketing Association

    Advocacy group and trade association for the promotion and integrated marketing sector. Headquartered in New York City with its affiliate, the PMA Educational Foundation, Inc. Wikipedia

  • Three Little Pigs (film)

    Animated short film released on May 27, 1933 by United Artists, produced by Walt Disney and directed by Burt Gillett. Based on a fable of the same name, the Silly Symphony won the 1934 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film of 1933. Wikipedia

  • Annual film festival held to celebrate short films from the former Soviet Union. The 5th Annual International Film Festival Kyrgyzstan - Land of Short Films will be held December 12 to December 15, 2015 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Wikipedia

  • The Tortoise and the Hare (film)

    1935 American animated short film released on January 5, 1935 by United Artists, produced by Walt Disney and directed by Wilfred Jackson. Aesop's fable of the same name, it won the 1934 Oscar for Best Short Subject: Cartoons. Wikipedia

  • 1995 American short documentary film about artist Jim Dine produced by Nancy Dine and Richard Stilwell. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. Wikipedia

  • Antonio Padovan

    Italian-born film director, producer, screenwriter, and video artist who lives in New York City, known for his award-winning short films Socks and Cakes , Jack Attack (2013), Eveless (2016), and his first feature, The Last Prosecco (2017). Selected by more than fifty international film festivals and won dozens of awards and other honors. Wikipedia

  • Street Musique

    Animated short film by Ryan Larkin produced by the National Film Board of Canada and released in 1972. Line animation of "music as performance", in which actions of the film's characters are choreographed to the music of street musicians. Wikipedia

  • Snow (1963 film)

    Short documentary film made by Geoffrey Jones for British Transport Films in 1962-1963. The 8-minute-long film shows the efforts of British Railways staff in coping with the 1963 United Kingdom cold wave. Wikipedia

  • Educational series of three short films produced in 1984 by Sun West Production Inc. for Walt Disney Educational to explain fitness. The series combined live-action and animation. Wikipedia

  • The Escape (2016 film)

    2016 American short action film produced by BMW to promote the car manufacturer's 2017 5 Series. Directed and co-written by Neill Blomkamp, and stars Clive Owen, Jon Bernthal, Dakota Fanning, and Vera Farmiga. Wikipedia

  • Film

    Visual art used to simulate experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere by the means of recorded or programmed moving images along with other sensory stimulations. Often used to refer to filmmaking and the film industry, and to the art form that is the result of it. Wikipedia

  • The Dognapper

    1934 animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists. The cartoon stars Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as police officers who chase Pegleg Pete after he dognaps Fifi, Minnie Mouse's pet Pekingese. Wikipedia

  • Star Spangled Salesman

    1968 short film produced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to promote the sale of Savings Bonds. Assigned to get his colleagues interested in enrolling a payroll plan that is tied to the purchase of savings bonds. Wikipedia

  • 2004 short film produced by Ethan Vogt, a student at New York University, as an advertisement for Volvo Cars. First to combine live action and machinima, the use of real-time computer animation from a three-dimensional graphics rendering engine. Wikipedia

  • List of animated television series, made-for-television films, direct-to-video films, theatrical short subjects, and feature films produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions . This list does not include the animated theatrical shorts William Hanna and Joseph Barbera produced while employed by MGM. Wikipedia

  • 1953 American short documentary film produced by John Adams. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short. Wikipedia

  • Series of American independent animated short films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Program for the employees to pitch their ideas and can work with fellow employees to create the short if selected. Wikipedia


Sentences forMusic video

  • In addition to its sound and lyrics, a heavy metal band's image is expressed in album cover art, logos, stage sets, clothing, design of instruments, and music videos.Heavy metal music-Wikipedia
  • In 1985, Dire Straits' single "Money for Nothing" gained massive exposure on MTV thanks to its innovative computer-animated music video, propelling the single to #1 in the US.Warner Records-Wikipedia
  • In addition, the music video for "White & Nerdy" depicts Yankovic defacing Atlantic's article on Wikipedia, replacing the whole page with "YOU SUCK!"Atlantic Records-Wikipedia
  • Thanks to its quirky music video, which was put on high rotation on MTV, the single "Whip It" reached #14 on the Billboard pop chart, becoming the group's biggest American hit.Warner Records-Wikipedia
  • In 1982, with the emergence and popularization of the music video, the AFE changed its name to Phonographic and Videographic Association of Spain (Asociación Fonográfica y Videográfica de España) (AFYVE).Productores de Música de España-Wikipedia
  • The company calls them Single Vs.Music video-Wikipedia
  • Various techniques are often employed to "pad" television movies with low budgets and underdeveloped scripts, such as music video-style montages, flashbacks, or repeated footage, and extended periods of dramatic slow motion footage.Television film-Wikipedia
  • The original purpose of the channel was to build upon the success of MTV by playing music videos targeting a slightly older demographic than its sister channel, focusing on the lighter, softer side of popular music.VH1-Wikipedia
  • A record label, or record company, is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos.Record label-Wikipedia
  • In 2003, MTV Networks VSPOT, a broadband video channel that followed the model of MTV Overdrive, containing the shows aired by VH1 and music videos.VH1-Wikipedia
  • The threshold quantity varies by type (such as album, single, music video) and by nation or territory (see List of music recording certifications).Music recording certification-Wikipedia
  • Kuala Lumpur, along with Sepang, was featured in the music video for the single "Gerimis Mengundang" by Elizabeth Tan.Kuala Lumpur-Wikipedia
  • Many scholars consider the "Bohemian Rhapsody" music video ground-breaking, crediting it with popularising the medium.Queen (band)-Wikipedia
  • MTV originally aired music videos as guided by television personalities known as "video jockeys" (VJs), but in the years since its inception, the network significantly toned down its focus on music in favor of original reality programming targeting teenagers and young adults.MTV-Wikipedia
  • The latter featured "Bohemian Rhapsody", which stayed at number one in the UK for nine weeks and helped popularise the music video format.Queen (band)-Wikipedia
  • Available content includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos, short and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.YouTube-Wikipedia
  • His music videos, including those for "Beat It", "Billie Jean", and "Thriller" from his 1982 album Thriller, are credited with breaking racial barriers and transforming the medium into an art form and promotional tool.Michael Jackson-Wikipedia
  • The films, described by Harrison as "the forerunner of videos", aired on The Ed Sullivan Show and Top of the Pops in June 1966.Paul McCartney-Wikipedia
  • The band decided to make a video to help go with the single and hired Trilion, a subsidiary of the former management company Trident Studios, using new technology to create the video; the result is generally considered to have been the first "true" music video ever produced, and popularised the medium.Queen (band)-Wikipedia
  • In 2014, the Irish charts first included music streaming data and in 2018, music video streaming data was included for the first time.Irish Singles Chart-Wikipedia
  • Rihanna has worked with music video director Anthony Mandler on more than a dozen music videos, the first being "Unfaithful" (2006).Rihanna-Wikipedia
  • Though all certifying bodies give awards for album sales or shipments, many also certify singles, paid digital downloads, music videos, music DVDs, and master ringtones.List of music recording certifications-Wikipedia
  • Initially the service only hosted music videos from Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, syndicated on YouTube and its app, and the advertising revenue is shared by Google and Vevo.Vevo-Wikipedia
  • Commercially released CD singles can vary in length from two songs (an A side and B side, in the tradition of 7" 45rpm records) up to six songs like an EP. Some contain multiple mixes of one or more songs (known as remixes), in the tradition of 12" vinyl singles, and in some cases, they may also contain a music video for the single itself as well as a collectible poster.CD single-Wikipedia
  • For example, in 1894, Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern released The Little Lost Child, which sold more than a million copies nationwide, based mainly on its success as an illustrated song, analogous to today's music videos.Hit song-Wikipedia
  • On June 9, 2008, Rihanna released Good Girl Gone Bad Live, her first live long-form video.Rihanna-Wikipedia
  • A music video (also promo) is a short film or video that accompanies a complete piece of music, most commonly a song.Mass media-Wikipedia
  • BET Hip-Hop is a music video network owned by BET Networks which is exclusive to digital cable systems.BET-Wikipedia
  • Batchelor also states that despite grunge musicians' discomfort with the major labels' commercial goals, and the resistance by some key bands to do the promotional activities required by the labels, including music videos, MTV's video programs "... played an instrumental role in making [grunge]" become "... mainstream, since many music fans received their first exposure" on MTV, rather than on local or "niche radio."Grunge-Wikipedia
  • Initially broadcasting for two hours a week as a block of programming on the Madison Square Garden Sports Network (which would change their name to USA Network three months after BET launched), the network's lineup consisted of music videos and reruns of popular black sitcoms.BET-Wikipedia

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