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Film genre in which songs by the characters are interwoven into the narrative, sometimes accompanied by dancing. Wikipedia

  • This page indexes the individual year in film pages. Annotated with its significant events. Wikipedia

  • Award presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to the best substantial body of music in the form of dramatic underscoring written specifically for the film by the submitting composer. Allowed, though, but a contending film must include a minimum of original music. Wikipedia

  • One of the awards given annually to people working in the motion picture industry by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences . Presented to the songwriters who have composed the best original song written specifically for a film. Wikipedia

  • List of plays that have been adapted into feature films followed by a list of feature films based on stage plays or musicals. The Guinness Book of Records lists 410 feature-length film and TV versions of William Shakespeare's plays as having been produced, which makes him the most filmed author ever in any language. Wikipedia

  • Classical Hollywood cinema

    Term used in film criticism to describe both a narrative and visual style of filmmaking which became characteristic of American cinema between the 1910s and the 1960s. It eventually became the most powerful and pervasive style of filmmaking worldwide. Wikipedia

  • List of Academy Award-winning films. Listed in a shaded background with a boldface title. Wikipedia


    Sentences forMusical film

    • Musical films were another important precursor to music video, and several well-known music videos have imitated the style of classic Hollywood musicals from the 1930s to the 1950s.Music video-Wikipedia
    • Although some songs, especially in musicals, are based on thematic ideas from the score (or vice versa), scores usually do not have lyrics, except for when sung by choirs or soloists as part of a cue.Film score-Wikipedia
    • 99 Songs is a musical romance film co-written and produced by A. R. Rahman, who thus makes his debut in both roles, apart from composing the original score and songs.A. R. Rahman-Wikipedia
    • At the time Como was signed, movie musicals were on the wane and he became a studio contract player, where the actors or actresses worked only when the studio needed to fill out a schedule.Perry Como-Wikipedia
    • The 2018 biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody was, at its release, the highest-grossing musical biographical film of all time.Freddie Mercury-Wikipedia
    • Key to this was Nasir Hussain and Salim-Javed's creation of the masala film genre, which combines elements of action, comedy, romance, drama, melodrama and musical.Cinema of India-Wikipedia

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