Royalties similar to or like Napoleon

French military and political leader. Wikipedia

  • Napoleon III

    The first president of France from 1848 to 1852, and the emperor of the French and the last French monarch from 1852 to 1870. Nephew of Napoleon I. Wikipedia

  • Lucien Bonaparte

    French statesman, who served as the final President of the Council of Five Hundred at the end of the French Revolution. Younger brother of Joseph and Napoleon Bonaparte, and an older brother of Elisa, Louis, Pauline, Caroline and Jérôme Bonaparte. Wikipedia

  • Joseph Bonaparte

    French lawyer and diplomat and older brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. The latter made him King of Naples (1806–1808, as Giuseppe I), and later King of Spain (1808–1813, as José I). Wikipedia

  • Napoleon II

    Disputed Emperor of the French for a few weeks in 1815. The son of Emperor Napoleon I and Empress Marie Louise and had been Prince Imperial of France and King of Rome since birth. Wikipedia

  • Louis Philippe I

    King of the French from 1830 to 1848 and the last French King and penultimate monarch. As Duke of Chartres he distinguished himself commanding troops during the Revolutionary Wars, but broke with the Republic over its decision to execute King Louis XVI. Wikipedia

  • Elisa Bonaparte

    Imperial French princess and sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. Princess of Lucca and Piombino , Grand Duchess of Tuscany (1809-1814) and Countess of Compignano by appointment of her brother. Wikipedia


    Sentences forNapoleon

    • In 1802, Napoleon created the lycée, the second and final stage of secondary education that prepares students for higher education studies or a profession.France-Wikipedia
    • A succession of revolutionary factions ruled Paris until 9 November 1799 (coup d'état du 18 brumaire), when Napoléon Bonaparte seized power as First Consul.Paris-Wikipedia
    • Another notable example is the Witzchoura, a long mantle with collar and hood, which was possibly introduced by Napoleon's Polish mistress Maria Walewska.Poland-Wikipedia
    • Napoleon Bonaparte replaced the elected government of Paris with a prefect reporting only to him.Paris-Wikipedia
    • In alliances with various other European countries, Russia fought against Napoleon's France.Russia-Wikipedia
    • A new subdivision of the city under Napoleon was ephemeral, and there were no serious changes in the organisation of the city until 1870 when Rome became the third capital of Italy.Rome-Wikipedia

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