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Military air base, and consists of a permanent land-based operations locations for the military aviation division of the relevant branch of a navy . Wikipedia

  • Military airbase, and consists of a permanent land-based operations locations for the naval aviation division of the United States Navy. As well as many airports and airbases around the country. Wikipedia

  • Naval aviation

    Application of military air power by navies, whether from warships that embark aircraft, or land bases. Typically projected to a position nearer the target by way of an aircraft carrier. Wikipedia

  • INAS 343

    Aviation squadron of the Indian Navy, operating IAI Heron and IAI Searcher MkII UAVs based at Porbandar. Second squadron in the navy dedicated to operating UAVs after INAS 342 at Kochi. Wikipedia

  • Pakistan Naval Air Arm

    Naval aviation branch within the Pakistan Navy that is responsible for aerial operations from the seaborne platform. Responsible for conducting the land-based strike capability, fleet air defence, evacuation and extraction, search and rescue, maritime reconnaissance, and anti-submarine warfare. Wikipedia

  • The naval aviation arm of the Soviet Navy. The first naval aviation units in Russia were formed in 1912–1914 as a part of the Baltic Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet. Wikipedia

  • Water military air base operated by the Royal Norwegian Navy Air Service between 1919 and 1940. Situated at Tangen in the city center of Kristiansand, Norway, it consisted of three hangars. Wikipedia


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