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17th-century Dutch settlement established at the southern tip of Manhattan Island that served as the seat of the colonial government in New Netherland. Wikipedia

  • New Netherland

    17th-century colony of the Dutch Republic that was located on what is now the east coast of the United States. The claimed territories extended from the Delmarva Peninsula to southwestern Cape Cod, while the more limited settled areas are now part of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut, with small outposts in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Wikipedia

  • Dutch colonization of the Americas

    The Dutch colonization of the Americas began with the establishment of Dutch trading posts and plantations in the Americas, which preceded the much wider known colonization activities of the Dutch in Asia. Built in 1600 , the first forts and settlements along the Essequibo River in Guyana date from the 1590s. Wikipedia

  • Fortifications of New Netherland

    The 17th century colony of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands on the northeastern coast of North America. The claimed territory included southern Cape Cod to parts of the Delmarva Peninsula. Wikipedia

  • List of Bergen, New Netherland placename etymologies

    Part of the 17th-century Dutch colony of New Netherland, in what is now northeastern New Jersey. Placenames in most cases had their roots in Algonquian Lenape and Dutch. Wikipedia

  • Dutch East India Company

    Megacorporation founded by a government-directed amalgamation of several rival Dutch trading companies (voorcompagnieën) in the early 17th century. Established on 20 March 1602, as a chartered company to trade with Mughal India in the early modern period, from which 50% of textiles and 80% of silks were imported, chiefly from its most developed region known as Bengal Subah. Wikipedia

  • New Netherland settlements

    The 17th century colonial province of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands on the northeastern coast of North America. The land from the Delmarva Peninsula to southern Cape Cod. Wikipedia


    Sentences forNew Amsterdam

    • The British conquest of New Netherland began on August 29, 1664, when New Amsterdam was coerced to surrender while facing cannons on British ships in New York Harbor.Pennsylvania-Wikipedia
    • The Dutch soon also settled New Amsterdam and parts of the Hudson Valley, establishing the multicultural colony of New Netherland, a center of trade and immigration.New York (state)-Wikipedia
    • The first Jewish settlers in North America arrived in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in 1654; they were forbidden to hold public office, open a retail shop, or establish a synagogue.Judaism-Wikipedia
    • New York had originally been established as the Dutch colonial town of New Amsterdam and the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition was reinvented as Saint Nicholas.Christmas-Wikipedia
    • New York City traces its origins to a trading post founded by colonists from the Dutch Republic in 1624 on Lower Manhattan; the post was named New Amsterdam in 1626.New York City-Wikipedia
    • Roosevelt's patrilineal ancestor migrated to New Amsterdam in the 17th century, and the Roosevelts flourished as merchants and landowners.Franklin D. Roosevelt-Wikipedia

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