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World's second-largest island and, with an area of 785753 km2, the largest island in the Southern Hemisphere. Wikipedia

  • Papua New Guinea

    Country in Oceania that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and its offshore islands in Melanesia, a region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean north of Australia. Port Moresby. Wikipedia

  • Western New Guinea

    Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea. Alternatively named as Papua, the region is also called West Papua . Wikipedia

  • Region centered on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Conceptions of what constitutes Oceania vary, with it being defined in various ways, often geopolitically or geographically. Wikipedia

  • List of indigenous peoples

    Partial list of the world's indigenous / aboriginal / native people. Indigenous people are "those ethnic groups that were indigenous to a territory prior to being incorporated into a national state, and who are politically and culturally separate from the majority ethnic identity of the state that they are a part of". Wikipedia

  • List of Oceanian islands by area. It includes all islands in Oceania greater than 100 km2, sorted in descending order by area. Wikipedia

  • Papua (province)

    Largest and easternmost province of Indonesia, comprising most of Western New Guinea. Bordered by the state of Papua New Guinea to the east, the province of West Papua to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the north, and the Arafura Sea to the south. Wikipedia


    Sentences forNew Guinea

    • The Maluku Islands in Indonesia are often considered to lie on the border of southeast Asia, with New Guinea, to the east of the islands, being wholly part of Oceania.Asia-Wikipedia
    • Melanesia, to the southwest, includes New Guinea, the world's second largest island after Greenland and by far the largest of the Pacific islands.Pacific Ocean-Wikipedia
    • The culture of the Torres Strait Islanders is related to that of adjacent parts of New Guinea and so their music is also related.Folk music-Wikipedia
    • The state is bordered by the Torres Strait to the north, with Boigu Island off the coast of New Guinea representing the northern extreme of its territory.Queensland-Wikipedia
    • In the Eocene epoch, about 40 Ma Australia-New Guinea separated from Antarctica, so that latitudinal currents could isolate Antarctica from Australia, and the first ice began to appear.Antarctica-Wikipedia
    • Geologically, the island of New Guinea and its surrounding islands are considered as parts of the Australian continent, connected via the Sahul Shelf.Southeast Asia-Wikipedia

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