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Integral territorial entity of the Spanish Empire, established by Habsburg Spain during the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Wikipedia

  • Spanish colonization of the Americas

    The Spanish colonization of the Americas began under the Crown of Castile and spearheaded by the Spanish conquistadors. The Americas were invaded and incorporated into the Spanish Empire, with the exception of Brazil, British America, and some small regions in South America and the Caribbean. Wikipedia

  • Spanish Empire

    One of the largest empires in history. From the late 15th century to the early 19th century, Spain controlled a huge overseas territory in the New World, the Southeast Asian archipelago of the Philippines, what they called "The Indies" (Las Indias) and territories in Europe (centering on the so-called Spanish Road), Africa and Oceania. Wikipedia

  • Spanish American wars of independence

    The Spanish American wars of independence were the numerous wars against Spanish rule in Spanish America during the early 19th century. With the aim of political independence, these began shortly after the French invasion of Spain in 1807 during Europe's Napoleonic Wars. Wikipedia

  • Viceroyalty of Peru

    Spanish imperial provincial administrative district, created in 1542, that originally contained modern-day Peru and most of Spanish Empire in South America, governed from the capital of Lima. One of the two Spanish Viceroyalties in the Americas from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries. Wikipedia

  • Mexico

    Country in the southern portion of North America. Bordered to the north by the United States; to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico. Wikipedia

  • Spanish conquest of Guatemala

    Protracted conflict during the Spanish colonization of the Americas, in which Spanish colonisers gradually incorporated the territory that became the modern country of Guatemala into the colonial Viceroyalty of New Spain. Before the conquest, this territory contained a number of competing Mesoamerican kingdoms, the majority of which were Maya. Wikipedia


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