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Famous tale of Prince Jam Tamachi's falling in love with the charming fisherwoman Noori. Wikipedia

  • Traditional story which dates back to the time of Jam Chanesar, one of the Soomra rulers in the 14th century Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. It has often been retold in Sindhi and Persian. Wikipedia

  • Love story from Sindhi and Balochi folklore. About a faithful wife who will endure any difficulty while seeking her beloved husband who was separated from her by rivals. Wikipedia

  • Romantic tale of Momal and Rano from the Sindhi folklore and Rajasthani folklore. Multifaceted story that entails adventure, magic, schemes, beauty, love, ordeals of separation and above all romantic tragedy. Wikipedia

  • One of the historical romantic tales from Sindh, Pakistan. The story also appears in Shah Jo Risalo and forms part of seven popular tragic romances from Sindh, Pakistan. Wikipedia

  • Shah Jo Risalo

    Poetic compendium of famous Sindhi Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Many compendia, for Shah Abdul Latif's poetry in various forms of bayt and wai was compiled by many of his devotees during his lifetime and after his death. Wikipedia

  • Folk tradition which has developed in Sindh over a number of centuries.Sindh abounds with folklore, in all forms, and colors from such obvious manifestations as the traditional Watayo Faqir tales, the legend of Moriro, epic poetry tale of Dodo Chanesar, to the heroic character of Marui which distinguishes it among the contemporary folklores of the region. Known and sung in every Sindhi settlement. Wikipedia


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