Seas similar to or like North Sea

Sea of the Atlantic Ocean located between Great Britain , Denmark, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Wikipedia

  • Baltic Sea

    Arm of the Atlantic Ocean, enclosed by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, northeast Germany, Poland, Russia and the North and Central European Plain. The sea stretches from 53°N to 66°N latitude and from 10°E to 30°E longitude. Wikipedia

  • Netherlands

    Country primarily located in Western Europe and partly in the Caribbean. Largest of four constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Wikipedia

  • Southern Bight

    Southern bight of the North Sea bounded by the coasts of the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain. South west of the German Bight and the Wadden Sea. Wikipedia

  • Geography of Germany

    Country in west-central Europe, that stretches from the Alps, across the North European Plain to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Seventh largest in area. Wikipedia

  • In European politics, the term Euroregion usually refers to a transnational co-operation structure between two (or more) contiguous territories located in different European countries. Euroregions represent a specific type of cross-border region. Wikipedia

  • Geography of the United Kingdom

    Sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. With a total area of approximately 248532 km2, the UK occupies the major part of the British Isles archipelago and includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern one-sixth of the island of Ireland and many smaller surrounding islands. Wikipedia


    Sentences forNorth Sea

    • It is bordered by the North Sea in the north, the English Channel in the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean sea in the southeast.France-Wikipedia
    • The west of Scotland is usually warmer than the east, owing to the influence of Atlantic ocean currents and the colder surface temperatures of the North Sea.Scotland-Wikipedia
    • The location and abundance of the most common moth species are indicative that mass migrations of moths occurred over the Palaeogene North Sea, which is why there is a serious lack of moth fossils.Lepidoptera-Wikipedia
    • London became the principal North Sea port, with migrants arriving from England and abroad.London-Wikipedia
    • The territory initially known as East Francia stretched from the Rhine in the west to the Elbe River in the east and from the North Sea to the Alps.Germany-Wikipedia
    • The metropolitan area of France extends from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean and from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea.France-Wikipedia

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