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Provided by 95 commercial reactors with a net capacity of 98 gigawatts , with 64 pressurized water reactors and 32 boiling water reactors. Wikipedia

  • List of all the commercial nuclear reactors in the world, sorted by country, with operational status. The list only includes civilian nuclear power reactors used to generate electricity for a power grid. Wikipedia

  • Nuclear power in Canada

    Provided by 19 commercial reactors with a net capacity of 13.5 gigawatt , producing a total of 95.6 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity, which accounted for 16.6% of the country's total electric energy generation in 2015. All but one of these reactors are located in Ontario, where they produced 61% of that province's electricity in 2019 (90.4 TWh). Wikipedia

  • Nuclear renaissance in the United States

    Between 2007 and 2009, 13 companies applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for construction and operating licenses to build 31 new nuclear power reactors in the United States. However, the case for widespread nuclear plant construction has been hampered due to inexpensive natural gas, slow electricity demand growth in a weak US economy, lack of financing, and safety concerns following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. Wikipedia

  • Boiling water reactor

    [[File:Boiling water reactor no text.svg|thumb|upright=1.60|Schematic diagram of a boiling water reactor (BWR):• 1. Reactor pressure vessel • 2. Nuclear fuel element Wikipedia

  • List of canceled nuclear reactors in the United States. The late 1960s and early 1970s saw a rapid growth in the development of nuclear power in the United States. Wikipedia

  • Nuclear power debate

    Long-running controversy about the risks and benefits of using nuclear reactors to generate electricity for civilian purposes. Intensity unprecedented in the history of technology controversies" in some countries. Wikipedia


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    • In 1993, Rhodes published Nuclear Renewal: Common Sense about Energy detailing the history of the nuclear power industry in the United States, and future promises of nuclear power.Richard Rhodes-Wikipedia
    • He also stated that he wants to make it easier for nuclear power plants to open up and wants to increase the amount of nuclear energy used in the US.Andrew Yang 2020 presidential campaign-Wikipedia
    • Nuclear power is the largest source of electricity generation in Tennessee, producing about 43.7% of its power in 2019.Tennessee-Wikipedia
    • In the meantime, most nuclear power plants in the United States have resorted to the indefinite on-site dry cask storage of waste in steel and concrete casks.Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository-Wikipedia
    • Approximately 32% of New Hampshire's electricity consumption came from renewable resources (including nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, and other renewable resources).New Hampshire-Wikipedia
    • While at Breakthrough, Shellenberger wrote a number of articles with subjects ranging from positive treatment of nuclear energy and shale gas, to critiques of the planetary boundaries hypothesis.Michael Shellenberger-Wikipedia

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