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System software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs. Wikipedia

  • Kernel (operating system)

    Computer program at the core of a computer's operating system that has complete control over everything in the system. The "portion of the operating system code that is always resident in memory", and facilitates interactions between hardware and software components. Wikipedia

  • Computer

    Machine that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer programming. Extremely wide range of tasks. Wikipedia

  • Linux

    Family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Typically packaged in a Linux distribution. Wikipedia

  • Linux kernel

    Free and open-source, monolithic, modular, multitasking, Unix-like operating system kernel. Conceived and created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds for his i386-based PC, and it was soon adopted as the kernel for the GNU operating system, which was created as a free replacement for UNIX. Wikipedia

  • Software

    Collection of instructions and data that tell the computer how to work. In contrast to physical hardware, from which the system is built and actually performs the work. Wikipedia

  • Usage share of operating systems

    [[File:Operating system usage share map.svg|thumb|300px|Most-used operating systems in each country or dependency ]] Wikipedia


    Sentences forOperating system

    • Operating systems like Windows or OS/2 provide the possibility to run 16-bit (segmented) programs as well as 32-bit programs.32-bit computing-Wikipedia
    • This allows the combined memory of all the nodes to be accessed under a single OS image using standard shared-memory synchronization methods.Silicon Graphics-Wikipedia
    • A retargetable sound API called AHI was developed allowing these cards to be used transparently by the OS and software.Amiga-Wikipedia
    • Operating systems and executive software that are designed to supersede this basic firmware functionality provide replacement software interfaces to application software.BIOS-Wikipedia
    • Adobe also announced that CS6 will be the last suite sold with perpetual licenses in favor of the new Creative Cloud subscriptions, though they will continue to provide OS compatibility support as well as bug fixes and security updates as necessary.Adobe Photoshop-Wikipedia
    • Amazon released the Kindle for PC application in late 2009, available for Microsoft Windows systems.Amazon Kindle-Wikipedia

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