Military conflicts similar to or like Operation Achse

The codename for the German operation to forcibly disarm the Italian armed forces after Italy's armistice with the Allies on 3 September 1943. Wikipedia

  • Armistice of Cassibile

    Armistice signed on 3 September 1943, and made public on 8 September, between the Kingdom of Italy and the Allies during World War II. Signed by Major General Walter Bedell Smith for the Allies and Brigade General Giuseppe Castellano for Italy at a conference of generals from both sides in an Allied military camp at Cassibile, in Sicily, which had recently been occupied by the Allies. Wikipedia

  • Allied invasion of Italy

    The Allied amphibious landing on mainland Italy that took place on 3 September 1943 during the early stages of the Italian campaign of World War II. Undertaken by General Sir Harold Alexander's 15th Army Group and followed the successful Allied Invasion of Sicily. Wikipedia

  • Italian campaign (World War II)

    The Italian campaign of World War II, also called the Liberation of Italy, consisted of Allied and Axis operations in and around Italy, from 1943 to 1945. Operationally responsible for all Allied land forces in the Mediterranean theatre and it planned and led the invasion of Sicily in July 1943, followed in September by the invasion of the Italian mainland and the campaign in Italy until the surrender of the German Armed Forces in Italy in May 1945. Wikipedia

  • Mediterranean and Middle East theatre of World War II

    Major theatre of operations during the Second World War. The vast size of the Mediterranean and Middle East theatre saw interconnected naval, land, and air campaigns fought for control of the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. Wikipedia

  • Greco-Italian War

    The Greco-Italian War (Italo-Greek War, Italian Campaign in Greece; in Greece: War of '40) took place between the kingdoms of Italy and Greece from 28 October 1940 to 23 April 1941. This local war began the Balkans Campaign of World War II between the Axis powers and the Allies. Wikipedia

  • Axis occupation of Greece

    The occupation of Greece by the Axis Powers (Η Κατοχή, I Katochi, meaning "The Occupation") began in April 1941 after Nazi Germany invaded Greece to assist its ally, Fascist Italy, which had been at war with Allied Greece since October 1940. Occupied by June 1941. Wikipedia


    Sentences forOperation Achse

    • When the armistice was announced by Allied radio on the afternoon of 8 September, German forces immediately attacked Italian forces by executing Operation Achse.Armistice of Cassibile-Wikipedia
    • The German forces in Italy were prepared for this and implemented Operation Achse to disarm Italian units and occupy important defensive positions.Allied invasion of Italy-Wikipedia
    • Germany with the help of fascists responded by disarming Italian forces that were in many places without superior orders, seizing military control of Italian areas, and creating a series of defensive lines.World War II-Wikipedia
    • When Italy announced its armistice with the Allies on 8 September, Rommel's group took part in Operation Achse, disarming the Italian forces.Erwin Rommel-Wikipedia
    • His reassurances were doubted by the Germans, and the Wehrmacht started to devise an effective plan, Operation Achse, to take control of Italy as soon as the Italian government had switched allegiance to the Allies.Armistice of Cassibile-Wikipedia
    • After Italian forces capitulated to the Allies, the LSSAH was moved to Italy for two months to participate in Operation Achse, the disarming of the Italian military.Joachim Peiper-Wikipedia

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