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Organism is any individual entity that embodies the properties of life. Wikipedia

  • Flora

    All the plant life present in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring native plants. Fauna. Wikipedia

  • List of longest-living organisms

    List of the longest-living biological organisms: the individual (or in some instances, clones) of a species with the longest natural maximum lifespans. For a given species, such a designation may include: Wikipedia

  • Fauna

    All of the animal life present in a particular region or time. Flora. Wikipedia

  • Hydrothermal vent microbial communities

    The hydrothermal vent microbial community includes all unicellular organisms that live and reproduce in a chemically distinct area around hydrothermal vents. Endosymbiotic relationship with animals. Wikipedia


Sentences forOrganism

  • The existence of liquid water, and to a lesser extent its gaseous and solid forms, on Earth are vital to the existence of life on Earth as we know it.Water-Wikipedia
  • The utilization of biological processes, organisms or systems to produce products that are anticipated to improve human lives is termed biotechnology.Biotechnology-Wikipedia
  • GenBank and its collaborators receive sequences produced in laboratories throughout the world from more than 100,000 distinct organisms.GenBank-Wikipedia
  • Living organisms are open systems that survive by transforming energy and decreasing their local entropy to maintain a stable and vital condition defined as homeostasis.Biology-Wikipedia
  • Genetic recombination (also known as genetic reshuffling) is the exchange of genetic material between different organisms which leads to production of offspring with combinations of traits that differ from those found in either parent.Genetic recombination-Wikipedia
  • Hence, paleontology overlaps with geology (the study of rocks and rock formations) as well as with botany, biology, zoology and ecology – fields concerned with life forms and how they interact.Paleontology-Wikipedia

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