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Act of disclosing an LGBT person's sexual orientation or gender identity without that person's consent. Wikipedia

  • Coming out

    Metaphor used to describe LGBT people's self-disclosure of their sexual orientation or of their gender identity. Experienced variously as a psychological process or journey; decision-making or risk-taking; a strategy or plan; a mass or public event; a speech act and a matter of personal identity; a rite of passage; liberation or emancipation from oppression; an ordeal; a means toward feeling gay pride instead of shame and social stigma; or even career suicide. Wikipedia

  • LGBT stereotypes

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) stereotypes are conventional, formulaic generalizations, opinions, or images based on the sexual orientations or gender identities of LGBT people. Increased reliance on generalizations. Wikipedia

  • Closeted and in the closet are adjectives for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, LGBTQ+ people who have not disclosed their sexual orientation or gender identity and aspects thereof, including sexual identity and sexual behavior. Hiding part of their identity because of social pressure. Wikipedia

  • Homosexuality

    Romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. Enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions" to people of the same sex. Wikipedia

  • Process by which LGBT people meet, relate and become integrated in the LGBT community, especially with people of the same sexual orientation and gender identity, helping to build their own identity as well. Gay-Straight alliances (GSAs) started to appear in the '80s. Wikipedia

  • Colloquially used as a term for a person's partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Synonyms with similar properties include: sweetheart, other half, better half, spouse, domestic partner, lover, soulmate, or life partner. Wikipedia


    Sentences forOuting

    • Outing is the deliberate or accidental disclosure of an LGBT person's sexual orientation or gender identity, without their consent.Coming out-Wikipedia
    • On his blog, Hilton is open about his homosexuality and about his desire to out those who he claims are closeted gay celebrities.Perez Hilton-Wikipedia
    • While a freshman, she was outed as a lesbian by the college newspaper when an interview with her was published before she could tell her parents.Rachel Maddow-Wikipedia
    • Outing is the practice of publicly revealing the sexual orientation of a closeted person.Homosexuality-Wikipedia
    • On Christmas Eve, to distract people from his own humiliation, Martin outs Simon by posting his emails on the school's gossip site.Love, Simon-Wikipedia
    • Later, at a local bar, Melanie gets drunk, insults her old school friends, and outs her old childhood friend, Bobby Ray Bailey.Sweet Home Alabama (film)-Wikipedia

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