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Rail transport – means of conveyance of passengers and goods by way of wheeled vehicles running on rail tracks consisting of steel rails installed on sleepers/ties and ballast. Wikipedia

  • Rail transport

    Means of transferring passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, which are located on tracks. In contrast to road transport, where the vehicles run on a prepared flat surface, rail vehicles (rolling stock) are directionally guided by the tracks on which they run. Wikipedia

  • Permanent way (history)

    Elements of railway lines: generally the pairs of rails typically laid on the sleepers or ties embedded in ballast, intended to carry the ordinary trains of a railway. Described as permanent way because in the earlier days of railway construction, contractors often laid a temporary track to transport spoil and materials about the site; when this work was substantially completed, the temporary track was taken up and the permanent way installed. Wikipedia

  • Ballast regulator

    Piece of rail transport maintenance of way equipment used to shape and distribute the gravel track ballast that supports the ties in rail tracks. They are often used in conjunction with ballast tampers when maintaining track. Wikipedia

  • Rail transport in Japan

    Major means of passenger transport, especially for mass and high-speed travel between major cities and for commuter transport in urban areas. Used relatively little for freight transport, accounting for just 0.84% of goods movement. Wikipedia

  • Third rail (model rail)

    Technique that was once applied, in order to facilitate easier wiring. Pre-war train sets from makers such as Hornby were almost entirely 0 gauge, either clockwork or electric, with the electric sets using a three rail system. Wikipedia

  • Rail transport in China

    Important mode of long-distance transportation in China. As of 2020, the country had more than 146,000 km of railways, the second longest network in the world. Wikipedia

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