Buildings similar to or like Palace of Nakhchivan Khans

Historical and architectural monument of the 18th century located in Nakhchivan. Wikipedia

  • Geysariyye Monument

    Historical and architectural monument of the 17th century located in Ordubad, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. One the Turco-Islamic monuments of Nakhchivan. Wikipedia

  • One of monumental constructions of the Atabegs’ Architectural Complex in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. Documented in images and photos from the 19th century. Wikipedia

  • Gilan Mausoleum

    Monument located on the slope of a hill in Ordubad district of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in the territory of Kharabagilan habitation. Discovered accidentally by the local population in 1979. Wikipedia

  • Nakhchivan Buzkhana

    Ice-house located in Nakhchivan. One of the largest ice-houses in Azerbaijan. Wikipedia

  • Nakhchivan Tepe

    Ancient town located within Nakhchivan city, Naxçıvan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan. Located at the top of a natural hill in the Nakhchivançay valley. Wikipedia

  • Huseyn Khan Nakhchivanski

    Russian Cavalry General of Azerbaijani origin. The only Muslim to serve as General-Adjutant of the H. I. M. Retinue. Wikipedia

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