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Loose political coalition in the Republic of China , consisting of the Kuomintang (KMT), the People First Party (PFP), New Party (CNP) and Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (NPSU). Wikipedia

  • History of the Kuomintang

    Article on the inception of the Kuomintang , a Chinese political party that ruled China 1927–48 and then moved to Taiwan. Historically referred to as the Chinese Nationalists. Wikipedia

  • Localist political coalition in Taiwan , consisting of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Taiwan Statebuilding Party (TSP), Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU), Taiwan Independence Party (TAIP), and Taiwan Constitution Association (TCA). Also very closely aligned with all the other Pan-Green parties. Wikipedia

  • Taiwan Solidarity Union

    Political party in Taiwan which advocates Taiwan independence, and is affiliated with the Taiwanese localization movement. Officially founded on 12 August 2001 and is considered part of the Pan-Green Coalition. Wikipedia

  • This article lists the political parties in Taiwan. The organization of political parties in Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), are governed by the Political Parties Act, enacted on 6 December 2017. Wikipedia

  • Kuomintang

    Major political party in the Republic of China throughout its historical periods in both the Chinese mainland as well as Taiwan, which was reorganized and transitioned to the current form since 1919. The dominant ruling party of the Republic of China on the mainland from 1928 and 1949. Wikipedia

  • History of political parties in China

    The Kuomintang , which moved to Taiwan in 1949. Founded in Guangdong Province on August 25, 1912 from a union of several revolutionary groups. Wikipedia


    Sentences forPan-Blue Coalition

    • However, there had been a warming of relations between the Pan-Blue Coalition and the PRC, with prominent members of both the KMT and PFP in active discussions with officials on the mainland.Kuomintang-Wikipedia
    • His handling of the post-election demonstrations of the Pan-Blue Coalition, in which he at one point sent riot police to control the demonstrations of his pan-blue party supporters, was generally seen as impartial.Ma Ying-jeou-Wikipedia
    • The Ministry of National Defense planned to purchase diesel-powered submarines and Patriot anti-missile batteries from the United States, but its budget has been stalled repeatedly by the opposition-Pan-Blue Coalition controlled legislature.Taiwan-Wikipedia
    • Pan-Blue believed that his bill was only intended to benefit Chen in the coming election, as whether PRC removes the missiles would not be pressured or decided by referendum result.Chen Shui-bian-Wikipedia
    • However, the fortunes of the party were greatly improved when the KMT did well in the legislative elections held in December 2004 by maintaining its support in southern Taiwan achieving a majority for the Pan-Blue Coalition.Kuomintang-Wikipedia
    • The KMT, the largest Pan-Blue party, supports the status quo for the indefinite future with a stated ultimate goal of unification.Taiwan-Wikipedia

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